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New Year, back on the GL bandwagon


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Hi everyone :)

I haven't posted on here for ages, so I doubt anyone remembers me. Anyway, I am going to restart low GL this week, so may well be posting my ramblings on here ;)

I have had good success with low GL in the past, but fell fantastically off the wagon about August/September time, and put on about 7lbs, plus whatever damage I have done over Christmas. So it's time for a new start. I have dusted off my Patrick Holford and Greek Doctor books, and am planning on starting on Wednesday this week. I am looking forward to feeling healthy again :D

"Speak" to you soon,

Skerry xx
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So off to a good start today :)

Breakfast - smoothie made from yoghurt and frozen berries with a handful of flaxseeds (I don't normally find smoothies keep me going that well, but I am still feeling so full after Christmas, I thought I would give it a try).
Lunch - I made a big pot of tomato and bean and veg soup. Yummy with a sprinkling of parmesan on top.
Tea - I have a couple of steaks in the fridge that I'll pop on the George Foreman. I'll just have green veg with mine. DH can have chips.

Back to drinking loads of water. It feels good not to be picking at nibbles all the time :)
Hi there, I'm a newbie to the forum.

I received the Patrick Holford book at Christmas so I have started today. I've read so many good things about it. I really hope it will work for me.

I'll follow your thread with interest x


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Yes the smoothie did keep me going, but I don't think it would normally. I may try it again tomorrow as an experiment. I am feeling better already today after just one day of not completely stuffing my face lol.

Hi shoegirl, I love the Holford diet. I always start to feel the benefits very quickly after starting it, and it is very sustainable. It feels very good to get rid of all of those horrible refined carbs. Good luck with your diet, I'll be interested to hear how you get on.

irish molly

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Hi Skerry and welcome back. You've done pretty well since last being on here so well done you! Your gain could have been a lot worse.
You are so right about feeling better for ditching the highly processed foods. Here's to another good day tomorrow for you.


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So today's menu:

Breakfast - smoothie as per yesterday
Lunch - veg and bean soup
Dinner - will be Greek Dr tomato and cauliflower bake with the last of the Christmas ham.

Snacks - apple and handful almonds mid morning.

Water, water and even more water

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Looking good Skerry!


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Feeling pretty miserable today. Woke up with a stinking cold, and the weather outside seems to be matching my mood. Yet more wind, and squally snow showers to boot. Oh well, at least I don't have to go out, so am going to stay indoors with my kiddies and make a big pot of chicken soup :)

Today's menu:

B - breakfast muffin (a la Nigel Denby, forgotton how much I like these, as do the kids!)
L - aforementioned chicken soup
D - on my own tonight, so probably something like sesame quinoa, or maybe more soup :)

snacks - usual fruit and nuts and water; maybe a fruitus bar.

I think I might make some of those oat scones on the recipe thread as well (will just need to keep my daughter away from them, or they will be gone in a flash lol).


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Welcome back Skerry!


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OOh --whats a Nigel Denby muffin --they sound tasty?

I can't remember which of his books they are from, but they are very easy to make. His recipe might be slightly different, as I make from memory these days:

100g ground almonds
2 tbps olive oil
1tsp baking powder
2 eggs
2tbsps parmesam or other grated cheese
chopped ham
splash of milk, if necessary, to loosen mixture

Combine ingredients then cook at 180 for about 15 minutes. Nigel Denby actually does them in the microwave, but I have never tried this. He reckons that you get 2 muffins from this recipe, but they must be huge as I usually get 6. They are best eaten whilst still warm, but will keep in the fridge for a quick breakfast before work.

I vary the ingredients. So leave out the ham and cheese and add berries, for example. Or add smoked salmon or mackerel instead of ham.


Skerry x


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Yesterdays menu:

B - muffin
L - chicken soup
T - chicken curry with small portion brown basmati rice
couple of squares 70% chocolate


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The muffin sounds yummy, and food's looking good. Don't forget to eat your snacks, I love that about the low GL diet that we should eat every 4 hours :)


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Thanks for the for the recipe for the muffins -they sound tasty---will give them a try tomorrow as I am off shopping so should be able to get all the ingrediants, also must give the oat scones a try from the top posts. Have a good weekend ;-)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I find the oat scones a fab substitute for bread. I make half the recipe and bake in a 1lb loaf tin for 40 mins at 190c. Yum!!


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I think that I will try the oat scones this week; never got round to making them on Friday. I am just worried that I would end up eating a whole batch at once, as I love scones.

I had a moment of weakness this morning, as we usually have bacon butties on a Sunday morning. I had mine inside a slice of Burgen bread instead. Not quite the same as a crusty white roll with some brie in it, but it still hit the spot. I am going to have roast pork tonight with veg, and give the roast tatties a miss:)


Paleo maintenance rocks!
I agree with Molly, it's nicest as a bread. Either way, though, I freeze whatever I'm not eating that day. I don't find them too more-ish to be honest as they're not fluffy like traditional scones and are also quite small. :) even if you eat a couple they're better than the regular kind! :D

Sounds like you're doing great turning favourite meals into friendlier versions!