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Attack Newbie Alert!


The old me is coming back
Hi people,

I am new to this area if minis, usually in the diaries section! Monday week I am starting Dukan & am slowly working my way through the book. It seems like it will suit me- I need some quick results & love low carb!
Two questions for you on here-
1. What can I expect to loose week by week, I am currently 16 stone.
2. What do you eat on an average day, esp in the attack phase, what's a must have/secret weapon?

Thanks so much!
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You can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week, in the beginning of course it is faster:)
Check out the regular posters' signatures, will give you a clue;)
chicken breast, salmon fillet, crab sticks, turkey bacon, roasted chicken/turkey breast slices, eggs and fat free yogurt were pretty much what I had during attack, salad greens added for cruise..


The old me is coming back
Thanks for the post! So am thinking eggs for brekkie, smoked salmon galette thingy for lunch & loads of chicken & fat free yogurt for dinner. Would this be an ok sample day?
Are quorn veggie products allowed? Can you use soy sauce? Also what actual brand yogurts are best?
So excited to start!
What I cant live without is sugar free jelly.
Nice and sweet but just full of water!
I make loads at the weekend to take work or snack on :)

I weight more than you, but it seems that 1-2 lbs on cruise is about right. Just make sure you dont worry day to day about it (I can go up a few pounds in the middle of the week!) but keep a specific time and day for the official weigh in.

Yogurts are a controversial subject :) The safest way is to flavour your own fat free natural yogurt, but some people (myself included) do have a few vanilla/toffee mullerlights in the fridge, though they are counted as a tolerated item now (I think...). They seem to affect people in different ways...

Good luck!


The old me is coming back
Thanks for the warm welcome people. I am not starting till next Monday - have a few social things on this week and want to clear the diary for this! I did the website questionnaire and looks like i am facing 6 days of Attack - yikes! Going to stock up the fridge this week and get cracking next week.
How much of the sugar free jelly is OK, can you have the pre made pots?
Anyone know if Quorn veggie products are ok? ( have a few in the freezer!)
Going to have a look around here - couldn't see half the threads on my I phone!
Make sure you have a good read of the FAQs thread. There's a lot of really useful information there and people spent a lot of time putting it together.

Read through the daily menu thread to get an idea of what others are eating. You could get bored easily if you have chicken or steak every day so creativity is key.
welcome fee :D are you really 14ft tall ? :eek: or is it a typo


The old me is coming back
Phew! Finally have started here, after a week of reading FAQs recipes etc, i hope i get on good.
So for today - so far i have had:

Omlette thingy with 1 egg & some egg whites with smoked salmon
snacking on plain chicken
Lunch with be Galette with chicken & beef
Muller Light Toffee
Steak for dinner
2 litres of water, 1 can of diet coke and tea
I have 6 days of attack to do! Yikes!!!
Off to update User CP etc now!
Good luck all, I started one week ago and just finished seven days attack, tbh it wasn't too bad but I can't wait to get my jaws around some veg... Thinking now that I might try chicken curry with cauliflower rice for tea?


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