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NEWbie - Book on Order

Hello all!!

hope everyone is having a good wed!

so, after doing SW, WW and Atkins 4 or 5 times this year...thought it might be good to try something new!!

I've ordered my book today....hoping to receive by Friday...with the view to starting monday!!

I'm going for a food shop sunday...just wanted to ask if there's any cupboard stables I should buy?!

also, are we allowed Veg during attack phase?! Or is it purely proteins?!?

I'm gonna keep carbs to a minimum until i get the book and have a proper read!!

thanks in advance all!!

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** Chief WITCH **
Hello there - lovely photo and you don't look as if you need to lose a gramme!

No veg until Cruise phase.

This looks like a good link to start you off with the shopping...
The Dukan Diet – Attack Phase

Welcome to the site... please join in the daily chat, open a diary, jump into any discussion, and if we get too nosey, tell us!
Ar, thanks soooo much!!..that piccy is pretty old...I'm prob a stone heavier now! Booo....

i'll take a look at the link now!

I've just joined a gym too - so hoping a combo of exercise and dukan will work wonders in time for xmas!!

will defo be posting on here...i know the Atkins inside out, but an aware this diet is pretty different!!

thanks again!


** Chief WITCH **
Yes to caffeine... Diet Coke and Zero are fine, but none of the diet fruit drinks are. The rule of thumb is less than 1 calorie per glass...

Have you checked out our recipe thread? You'll find some recipes for using your daily ration of oatbran (you'll need to find that by the way - supermarkets, or Holland & Barrett). 1 and a half tablespoons per day in attack - either in a galette, or muffins, or biscuits or something...

Exercise is good but he does say somewhere in the book that you'll probably not be up to anything too strenuous at least in attack phase. Did you go onto the official site to get it to calculate your "Dukan true weight"? Often higher than the weight we might want, but it takes into account factors such as our age, diet history, number of kids etc. You'll also be able to see how many days' attack it advises. 3 will probably suffice for you, although many go for five.
I wish I was 5' 9" :D...welcome to the board x

just to pick up where maintainer (Jo) Left off...with regards to the gym - I'd take it easy during attack and then in cruise (phase 2) try to eat your oat & wheat bran rations as a POST-workout snack (your muscles will need it)

Kirsty (Lucysmommy) is also our resident gym bunny and is doing well at combining dukan+gym...

I personally wouldn't cut back too much on carbs until you enter the attack stage...I'd eat healthily until you enter attack - or else you could spend too long being deprived of carbs and the wheels might come off before you get started.... also you'll see better first week results :)....as I say it's what I'd do :)...

good luck with your diet xxx
Thanks alot ladies!! Soooo pleased Coke Zero is allowed...will help to keep me sane!!

I'm going to go Holland and Barratt at the weekend for the Oat bran - the Muffins sound devine!!

thanks alot for the gym tip - will defo eat that as my pre-snack!!

i'm soooo excited to get started now!! Hurry up and arrive book! i love the feeling of none bloatedness when you low carb!!

Me again - FYI -My goal weight was 11st 7...my Dukan weight is 11 st 8 - so we all agree! lol



Goat herder(ess)
Hi, sealy! I'm a newbie to Dukan, too!

My advice would be to try and schedule at least the initial 3 days of Attack for when you've not got a lot on. A weekend or time off work would be ideal. I, and some others, ended up with migraines/headaches during that time - don't worry, they soon clear up after the first few days. You also will probably not feel at your best on days 1-3.

Just push your way through it and you'll be feeling great again in no time. It's been worth it for me already and I'm only onto my 9th Dukan day. I feel so much lighter and have lost my bloating. My stomach's looking much flatter.

Good luck!
Why did you fail on Atkins?
Dukan is more restrictive in some ways (but more dairy).
It isn't easy, it can make social eating hard.

That said it also produces results and is straightforward if you make the effort and plan plan plan.

Welcome and good luck!
Thanks ladies!! I'm all geared up and ready to go. I'm lucky in that i get into Ketosis relatively easy and pain free....so fingers crossed its the same this time!!

Atkins, i didn't really like the idea of all the high fat....so stopped doing it...Dukan sits much better with me as a way of healthy eating!


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