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Newbie - Dukan - Help!

Hi All,

I want to start the Dukan (Won't be getting my book till next week). I'm going to start it tomorrow and i'm unsure of how many days I should do the 'Attack' Stage for and then the 'Cruise' Stage! Also, i'm wondering if Quorn can be factored in to the 'Attack' phase?

I've tried WeightWatchers for three weeks and lost 1 pound, I think I need to kick my metabolism's butt...!

I normally just sit and read everyone's post's on MiniMims, however I do wonder if I was to speak up then maybe I would have a greater will to lose!

I'm currently 11stone 6 pounds and would be comfortable at 10st and i'm 5ft 1".

Thank you and Hello... :wave_cry:
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If u go to the Dukan uk website u can fill in a free profile/questionnaire and it'll tell u how long for your body type, weight etc that u need to do each phase for. I think it's www.Dukan.co.uk or something like that. Good luck and welcome to Dukan!!
Christibel said:
Thank you, very helpful!
Yw! I just had my first day on cruise phase after 6 days on attack and I'm loving it. Have lost a great amount of weight already & I'm never hungry.
U will do well if u follow it exactly.
I hope so guys! my only problem is, i'm a bit squeamish (Is that a word?) when it comes to meat and prefer quorn. I'm not looking forward to the attack days and have no idea what to have for breakfast tomorrow. I'm thinking a Yoghurt with bran? Mullerlight with no fruit pieces is ok??
I am not a great carnivore myself! It's one thing that I found a bit tricky. I do love eggs though.

I do have 1/2 pot of ff Greek yog with the whole lot of bran!! It takes some getting down but I really do like it!

I suppose I should try turning it into something else but why knock a good thing!!


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I've been having the Mullerlight vanilla or toffee with my oat bran mixed in and it's delicious! Good luck x
Ooh, I am going to get the Mullerlight toffee and the vanilla for a change!

I am finding it soo hard to stick to the diet at times. Think I may need more variety as I just tend to buy the same things and cook the same things.
Hi all, thanks for the advice.

However... I weighed myself today after a week of watching my calorie intake and to my surprise I have lost 4 pounds. I am going to continue with watching my calorie in take and see how it goes. Thank you reading my post and for the advice! If I put the 4 pounds back on I will definently be back!!
I've lost 4.5 on this Dukan thing so far, 1st week weigh in tomorrow and with 'relatively' little to lose *not to me, still seems like climbing Everest* I think that's quite a lot! I'm in LOVE with this diet!
Well done WKD! Sorry Christibel is going back to cc but hope we see you back and congrats on your loss!!

However we do it we're on a winner!
Am having a weigh in tomorrow. :eek:
Best of luck for weigh in tomorrow Bev!!! Will be weighing in too...my first official one... *fingers and toes crossed for another 1lb off* Best of luck with calorie counting Christibel, it's whatever works for you after all x

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