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Newbie for the New Year

Hi all

I have been looking at this forum for a few days now and it has helped me enormously as I have just been prescribed the little blue pills by my practise nurse at the doctors surgery.

I just wanted to introduce myself and hope to be able to post my successes like so many of you have done that inspires me to keep going.

First week and I think I have a 4lbs weightloss which I am really chuffed with. However my eating patterns haven't changed that much...just being more healthy I suppose at present and not snacking as much. In fact after the initial tummy gurgle and tinge of orange, things have really settled down even when the meal is over 15g of fat I am sure...so not sure what is happening....any suggestions?

December 31st - 20st 1lb
January 8th - 19st 11lb :)

love to all x
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Hello & welcome! Well done on your 1st weeks weight loss! Thats fab! Can't really offer any advice on your questions as I'm new to this too...sure someone will help you out xx

Hi Laura

Thank you for your supportive message and it's good to chat to somebody elsewho has just started. How are you finding it so far? Really think this medication is the stuff I have been wanting to make this work for me and keep me on the straight and narrow.

Well done on your successful week too :)
Keep in touch
Elizabeth x


starting again!
Well done on your first weeks weight loss :party0049:

Sounds like you're doing well.

I've only just started too and don't do my first weigh in until Tuesday so can't really offer any advice, other than its a good way to keep on track by starting a diary. I've found it really useful updating each day and reading the comments.

Good luck on your second week :D


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Finding it ok so far! Not had any of the dreaded side effects as I'm too scared to eat anything over the 5% fat!! But then this is the 1st thing that has ever worked for me in shutting up that little voice in my head telling me to eat all the bad stuff!! What is that voice all about?!!

I just need to get exercising now. Got an Ipod for Christmas that I want to use to go out walking with and at some point running (not for a long time yet lol!) Just want the snow to go then I'll be out every day and some nights.

Also need to stop blooming weighing myself everyday!

How you doing?



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yes weighing yourself daily (or even more) is a common thing!!
i think we all do it...
yes i too wish that the snow would go away... more so i feel comfortable driving to work than going out walking in it.....

hope your doing ok..
LOL....what are we all like!!! Have to say that at the moment the weightloss seems to be continueing so it is soooo tempting to get on the scales....

I'm not doing to badly Laura. Snow is a bind here too, and although enforced snow days off school meant I could take the dog out for walks, the dragging-wellied-feet-through-the-drifts was not as appealing as I had hoped so a brisk walk around the park had to suffice...lol

eating wise I feel pretty good as I am a terrible snacker and am managing to control it so far. Even the rest of the Chrimbo chocolates have remained untouched which is a world first in this house....

Hope your week is going well. take care.

Thanks for your reply Kes...you have given some great threads that I have already taken to heart....thanks for your support x


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im a long term user of xenical coming up to my year anneversary next month... i think its freakin fab and has saved my life in more ways then one...

it does scare you at first and still scares most of us every day not to eat over 5g of fat but over time that fear replaces with a knowledge of what to eat and what not to eat for your health not because of the side effects...

the pills are a learning aid to better way of life in my eyes. xxx


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We're all in the same boat here Elizabeth, theres nothing you're experiencing that hasnt been felt by most of us. I find this forum an oasis of understanding. There are people on here that are inspirational, and some that are downright mental (mentioning no names!), so you'll get a laugh as well!! Everyones welcome and people CARE. Best of luck doll.


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Great way of putting it Piink xx
Thank you ladies for your replies.

I knew Earth Mother when I first read the postings on here that this was the right place for me to find support and hopefully give it to others. It is brilliant!

And Piink I too think and hope that if I give these little blue pills the opportunity they will save me from a lifestyle I do not want to keep. And I have to say I am in awe of your fab weightloss.... you certainly inspire me!

How are you Laura...hope this week going well....

Take care you all xx


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you seem very positive!!! And im sure you will be an incredible support to many of us!!!


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I'm doing good thanks hun...had toddler group this morninh where they always have such scrummy cakes etc...usually I'd of had 2 or 3 without even thinking about it...today I had a few grapes and didn't even feel I was missing out!! Love Xenical!!
Weigh day number 2 for me tomorrow so fingers crossed!

How you doing? When is your next weigh in? xx
Awwwwhhh Thanks Kes...funny how you feel very comfortable with new people isn't it...must be the fact we sharing the same goals and passions!:D

I'm good thanks Laura. Think have lost again but not sure how much. My weigh in is on Fri too. Know what you mean about the power of Xenical though...my staff room has a full(ish) tin of biscuits and tin of chocs and for the first time ever I can keep walking past it without being tempted to dip in. Not to mention the rest of the Chrimbo chocs at home too. Hubby very disgruntled as he is dying to undo the cellephane!!

Look forward to your post tomorrow! x


Go on smile! =)
Welcome to the forum lizzie wish you all the best with your weightloss. x


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HOw you doing? I lost 2lbs last week which I was fed up with but know I shouldn't be! xx


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I'm sarah, been on this web site before whilst using lipotrim. today i got the tabs from gp, she told me to start at the weekend just to get used to it and in case there were any side effects. so my new year journey starts at the weekend. i've never tried tabs before, (tried every thing else!!) but nothing gets rid of the the voice that says oh sod it and indulges. You look like this has been a fab way for you, i hope to have the same success. I was thinking of using the slimming world principle, do you think this would work ??
Hi laura...i'm good ta. Lost 3lbs last weigh in so not too bad. Had hoped for a litte more but perhaps didn't deserve it!!! so still pleased and on track for a reasonable end of month.

Today has been harder...stressed work so just want to snack. have to admit to a minor indiscretion but would have been alot larger if not dieting...ie continually! Tomorrow is another day and got new appt for repeat prescription next weds....we will see! take care x

Hi sarah.

Nice to meet you hun and wishing you lots of luck. I have found this site soooo useful and everyone is really supportive.

I have to say so far I have been slightly slack in not following a strict eating plan and have relied on cutting out the snacks I have devoured in the past. I am trying this week to follow sw principles so we will have to see how it goes. Others on Xenical are using different diets so do check them out too.

Hope the start goes ok for you. My side effects were manageable, but the weekend is a good time to start. Let me know how you do xx


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Hey, how you doing? I lost 4lbs this week!! Was so pleased! All the walking has paid off! xx
You have beaten me by a lb.....I lost 3lb this week. Pleased as was bit naughty and weighed during the week which really hit my motivation as appeared to have put on and took the knock back!!

Will try not to this week as it is not a good positive thing to do...and perhaps I have learnt by it. Having said that I have an appointment with nurse at surgery for weigh in and further prescription but perhaps that doesn't count!

Have a good week xx