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Newbie Help

Hi all

Can I ask if its ok to use whey protein shakes on the DD?

Im on Day2 of the attack phase and Ive seemed to have lost 2.75lbs after the first day.

My daily menu was a protein shake in the morning, followed by sausages for lunch then a chicken breast for dinner before having another protein intake.

The protein is 34g per shake and 2.0g of Carb (with water or 5g with skimmed milk)

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The shake works out at 6% carbohydrate, which is not great.

Sausages are not suitable for dukan, as they usually contain bread and added fat - do you have the figures for the brand you ate?
Also - are you eating your oat bran? and are you drinking enough fluids (other than the shakes)

The sausages are 0.2g of carb and 12g of protein which I thought was pretty good. They are 100% meat and are quite expensive.
I bought some oat bran which was delivered yesterday and I was like a concrete brick! Is it supposed to be like that?

I havent as yet had any. Im also drinking about 3ltrs of water a day.

Sausages - the carb content sounds good - how abour fat?
And is that 0.2grams per 100grams, or per sausage?

It would be great to know the manufacturer, because a source of dukan friendly sausages would be very popular round here!

The oatbran is supposed to be like a coarse flour, so that you can mix it with egg/quark/yogurt etc to make galettes/muffins/bread etc
No. Absolutely not.

Dukan is a low-carb, low fat diet.

I think you may be confusing Dukan with Atkins.
Check the FAQ at the top of the page - there is a very good run down of the essentials there.

If you like the sound of it, I'd strongly suggest you buy the book and take it from there.


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In Holland & Barrets, if you ask there is a protein shake that is very low carb.. like 1g or less I think?

I remember when I went in there and got chatting to a guy who worked in there and he asked if I was allowed protein shake (as I explained going to the gym etc) and he showed me these protein shakes which were low in fat and carb and good for pre/post workout..

I didn't buy any and said I'd go back lol! But if you like protein shakes..worth a try?



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Dukan explains in the book why he disagrees with protein shakes...

yes he does explain in his book but the reasons are really not detrimental to the diet i.e. they are quite expensive and if you used them as a replacement to 'proper' food then it may get quite boring. Im using the maximuscle at £29 a pop which is expensive but it seems to be helping as I physically dont have time to prep breakfasts.

For me it's more to do with the core philosophy that the plan is about (re)learning how to buy and cook real food rather than fake-food "sweets and shakes" - that's what attracted me in the first place.

When I don't have time to make breakfast I bake muffins or frittata the night before, so can just grab and go (I have to be out of the house by 7am and tend not to get back before 8-9pm so it is a struggle).

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