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  1. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Hi everyone.

    Hope I'm posting in the right part. I'm hoping to start JUDDDing tomorrow.

    Even after reading lots I still need to double check I've got it right. Haha!

    So 3 days a week I have 500 cals. And the other 4 I eat until satisfied. Or do I need to cal count to check what im eating on up days?

    I'm coming off a vlcd while i love the losses, i have an intolerance to large quantities of meat and dairy protiens and as vcld are so largely dairy based its causing nasty sife effects.

    Look forward to reading your diaries

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  3. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Hi judddilicious,can I join you? :)) I'm planning to start today too, Ive been sourcing some info online & ready to give it a go. I'm gonna start like others on here with a dd starting at 5pm (500 cal day ) till 5pm Wednesday and then ud 5pm -5pm & so on , having weekends free to have a social life :) so mon wed fri will be my dd. I've never been on any meal shake diets but will have a go with slimfast otherwise there some lovely meal ideas for 500 cals on here. I just been on 2 wks of fasting (8hrs eating, 16hrs fasting) which i found on this site too and lost 7lbs, so I'm quit familiar & comfortable with the idea/plan. Good luck & let us know how you get on. All the ladies on here have had brilliant losses tho :)
  4. Mrsm79

    Mrsm79 Doing it this time!

    Hi, I've just started JUDDD this week I'm subscribing to your diary:)

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