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Newbie Status

Hellooooo campers!! :)

I was bored last night and just thinking of random stuff and this particular random thought occurred to me.

When does a newbie stop being a newbie?

1st post?
1st WI?
1st stone gone?
100 posts?
Upon sign-up?

I was just wondering because in some ways I feel like part of the furniture here already but in other ways I still feel like the new kid so I was just curious as to other people's thoughts :)

Lemme know what ya reckon boys and girls! :)

P.S This is in no way meant to deter or offend anyone - like I said I'm still not sure if I'm a newbie or not myself! lol


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Is Irrepressible!! : )
Considering the amount of posts Miss Brite..... I would hardly think 'newbie' would be the term I'd use! xxx
i still feel like a newbie too even though i'v been on here and on lt for 6 weeks x
becky - have you got the highest post count on Minis? I wouldn't be surprised if you have! lol x

Lucy - see this is what I mean hunni, it's weird isn't it! x


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Miss Brite.....

Freakin' 'ell!! I knew she'd do well! Tell her (personally) well done from me and I hope she keeps it up xx

Hollibobs are fine- apart from the weather but have managed to keep the kids occupied. I'm a bit nervous about this evening though.... family eh! Oh, and hows your mum getting on?

Vickie - awwwwwww, thanks dolly :)

Medea - I know, she's done really well and I was very proud! :D I will tell her what you said a bit later on when I enter the HellMouth.

As for me mommy, well we went down on Wednesday to get her all signed up and she's been on it since Monday, all hardcore and everfin!! Gonna weigh in on Mondays so you'll finally get to meet the nutter! lol

Glad the kids are being good little childrems then. As for tonight, you'll be fine because in the end you know that you took the higher road and they were trundling along the lower one. And it is your daddy and he did make at least a little effort in calling you (I know it took forever but hey). PLUS, if it doesn't go well just get D to knock 'em out! ;) :p
As one of the newest Newbies to post to your thread i would say your deffinately not in the newbie catagory :)

but it would be nice to have a goal as to getting out of the newbie group myself :)


a new way of living!
hello all!

I just wanted to say hi, I was on mini for slimming world (joined after gaining ALL my lost weight! boo hoo) and was wondering how you all were and if you were still around, and noticed a few of you on this thread.

so, HELLO!


Thats it really, hope you are all well and happy etc.. :)
Blimey! Talk about resurrecting an old thread ;) Fun to see old threads you made back in the day though :D

yay! back in the good old days eh rainbow!! lol xox they were fun!!!!! he he

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