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Bye bye bellies!!!

Im starting Atkins/Lo carb tomorrow. I have about 4 or so stone to lose :sigh:. I have tried every diet under the sun (including Atkins) and have failed miserably:rolleyes:. The difference with Lo Carb is that I lose my cravings and my appetite is under control and that really helps. I tried Atkins a few years ago and got on fine but I started to get bored with the same foods. This time im more organised and a much better cook so I can make my own soups and protein based meals. I have bought some food from avidlite (tortillas and low carb pasta etc). Im not sure about going as low as 20g Induction, I might see how I get on on 40g of carbs per day.
Anyone any tips?


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Get yourself the various Atkins books and read them - dip in and out if necessary - the orange book, carb counter, recipe book etc.
Read the sticky threads on this board
Read the 'what are we eating' thread for inspiration
Look for low-carb substitutes which are now sold on-line and are more common now than a few years back
Sign up for fitday.com to track your food intake
Keep posting on here/join a group for motivation
good luck!
S: 13st13lb G: 12st2lb
:thankyou:Thanks - ask questions on here if you need any advice, You'll find there's always someone who has been through most problems in the past. look for posts by Jim who is a ninja when it comes to Atkins too :D
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welcome and good luck!!!!
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Ninja? LOL, don't forget Laura, she's excellent as well.

Andi, hi and welcome. I'm on maintenance and probably only having 50 Carbs a day, I suspect 40 Carbs a day is too hight to start with, especially if you want to kick start your weight loss.


Bye bye bellies!!!
Thanks guys. I agree with you about the 20g but I thought that I would start gently so that it wasnt such a big shock - I am/was a total carb addict and I have mad cravings especially for crisps and at the minute pork scratchings just arent cutting it! I have worked out that a packet of crisps is 10g carb but I have never been able to have just one, hopefully the urge will go soon! I had about 40g yesterday and about 30 today so hopefully I can do my first proper day of 20g tomorrow.

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Good luck!! 20g a day will put you into ketosis which will help with the carb cravings i promise!! I did atkins last year n lost a fair whack, just coming back to it, day 2 today! I'm going with the 20g limit as even though my diet's fairly bland i know it works. Just stick out the first few days till you're in the wonderful ketosis and you'll be much better prepared for cravings etc. and feeling more full which also helps with cravings.
S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
That's good thinking Andi, OK let's see how it goes then love.

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