Why Be Normal?
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Hi Beryl --

If you are well and truly in ketosis then you should not be able to feel "physical" hunger. However, a lot of overweight people have mistaken their feelings of grief, anger, depression, frustration, etc. for hunger. I did LL in 2008 and learned through that programme that when I feeling hungry and, yet, know that i should not be hungry... that I needed to take out my journal (or sit and reflect) on what I was truly feeling.

There is a Christian Faith Based weight Loss Programme a friend of mine did years ago called "Weigh Down" (I think). I remember her telling me that one of the "rules" of the programme, is that you are not consume your "meals" until your stomach actually growls. In other words, just because it is lunch time -- you do not eat. You eat your meal when your "body asks for it". She did very well on this diet.

I try to remember that -- I am now in the process of relosing about 1/2 of my original LL weight loss, but doing CD (I do not feel the need to invest the time and money in couselling and the CD prodcuts are similar in composition and have a wider selection of flavours).

I am going to have some water because I think I am hungry and want lunch -- but that is just because I can tell time and know it is "lunch time". I will wait until my tummy growls and have my CD product then... and do the same at dinner time. And, so forth. I do try to have my first product before 9 a.m. ... so that I can "jump start my metabolism.

I regained weight because I stopped exercising and (obviously consumed more calories than I needed). I am now adding back in exercise and hope to find a sustainable level -- so, that I can make permanent changes and maintain my goal weight once I get back to it.

Hang in There -- it should get easier.

hey and welcome to CD :) like MM says , the physical hunger will go and your energy level will increase , BUT you will still 'desire ' food in the way that most people who have been overweight do . I know I dont actually NEED any food , but that doesnt stop me WANTING it , so its learning to replace the place food had in your life with something else . If you eat when you are sad/ happy / bored / stressed , you need to find another way of dealing with those things !

Good luck , stay positive , glug water whenever you are hungry and push through this first week , which is tough , but soon you will be flying along and the weight will be dropping off :)


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Thanks guys. All makes sense, gotta get into ketosis wish it would hurry up a bit! Then I can sort my head out. had my "meal" earlier today as well as a shake on the side, was struggling, but now feel full! Amazing as I used to have to eat a mountain of food before I was full before!


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I describe it as a "ghost of hunger." I still feel a bit hungry when I go a long time without a pack or a drink, but even at it's most extreme it is nothing like hunger you feel when you are eating carbs! It's actually a brilliant, liberating state to be in (haha I think the "euphoria" possible side effect is hitting me now lol)

Once you're into the habit, and in ketosis, things become much easier! Keep going :)