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Hi everyone :)
I am new to MiniMins, I'm here looking for slimming world inspiration, recipes and support as I am a 20 year old who can't cook many things! :(
I've been doing Slimming world for 3 weeks..
My first week I lost 4lbs :)
My second week I lost 2lbs :)
And my third week I actually put on 2lbs. :(

My mam is getting married in August in Cyprus and I need to lose at least 1 stone to fit into a bridesmaid dress and to generally look good in a bikini.
My mam does slimming world as well and she has gone past her goal weight.

The only downfall is my boyfriend, I will do brilliantly all throughout the day and as soon as I see him and he asks what's for tea I will cave in and we will get a take away or I'll raid his mams chocolate cupboard, so I need help on how to put a stop to my binges.

Thanks :)
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Welcome Jessica:)

I have moved your thread to the SW forum as it will get more attention here.

You are doing great on SW! Well done on your weight loss:0clapper:Well done to your mum on surpassing her goal, she is an inspiration for you to follow.

At the rate you are going you will have that pesky stone off by August.

I think if you talk to your boyfriend and ask him to support you on your weight loss journey, he probably be only too happy to help.:)

The two of you could try cooking a SW meal together instead if getting a take away...it might be fun:rolleyes:

Under eating can cause binges...so make sure you are eating enough...you should never go hungry on SW as you have plenty of options...Have a look at the food diaries and recipe forums here for ideas.


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Hi Jessica!

Other people are a massive pain aren't they?? I've bullied my boyfriend into following SW with me (he needs to lose some weight anyway) so it's not too bad at home, we cook the meals together (it's a bonding experience!) and try the "fakeaway" recipes so we can satisfy that takeaway urge. My problem is the people at work, they constantly have chocolate and biscuits and all sorts of good stuff! But now I've got into the habit of saying no, they don't offer me them anymore which helps, and I feel really proud of myself when I resist (I used to eat everything in sight if it was chocolate based).

I would get your meals for the week planned, get your boyfriend to look through the books with you and pick things he wants to try, and that will help resist the takeaways as you've got a plan for dinner.

Also, write everything down - once you've seen in black and white how many syns you're consuming it gives you more motivation to stop! I easily forget that small chocolate bar I've had if I don't write it down and will think I've done well with my syns when I really haven't!

Hope that helps a little, see you around :)