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Newbies look away lol


on the up lol
right been on this lt for sooooo long now,
im giving in :eek:
for the last few weeks i been getting hungry (yes hungry) no matter how much water i drink :sigh: dunno whats wrong !!!
i get a wi on friday and no dought he will tell me to refeed , so i have decided i have had 2 shakes today and im gonna eat dinner tonight :eek:
steamed chicken with small bowl of salad,
im gonna do this till friday , 2 shakes and a dinner, what u think guys it will be ok ?
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Well i'm only on day 2 so i'm not to sure but you have done brilliantly!!
a real inspiration


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i cant see there being any problem with that for a while and i have read before someone having two shakes and a heathy dinner and still lost 5lb in a week. good luck hun and let us know how it goes you have done brilliantly. well done xxxxxxx


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The maintenance bars are delicious if you wanna incorporate them into your diet plan. When I'm eventually through with LT I am considering using them as a life long dieting strategy! They are low GI and very filling. I lived on the things whilst in Zambia in the summer!


on the up lol
im gonna stick with the choc shake for the first few weeks, when friday he tells me i have to refeed (oh well i started early lol) but i have thought about them as im not a brekkie person never have been :rolleyes: so we shall see :)
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hey -you were wearing heavy clothes to Wis anyway !! lol

Enjoy your food -you deserve it having done so amazingly well. You have truly inspired me, thank you so much for sharing you journey. I need success stories like yours. You have earned this, your body is teling you to eat so go eat and be bloody merry!!!



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i have to say its made me feel better. Although changed to cd 810 plan that has food. I am still in ketosis too :) good luck.
You are ready for it now & you so very much deserve it too...you have done fantastic..

good luck hun... enjoy the refeed & food... :)


Is thinking positive!
Go for it sheep, You have done amazingly ;) Now go go enjoy the food you lucky sod :p ((Big Hugs)) :):)
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hi I am planning on doing the same and my weight is more or less the same as you I think that I can lose the other st I want to by sticking to 2 shakes and a healthy meal

good luck and enjoy your meal xxxx
do whats right for you and you wont go far wrong ;-)x
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Well done sheep, great results so far. You will carry on losing on refeed/maintenance as well if you stick to it! Whats your BMI now?

I had a mad few days at the start of this week, thinking I had lost enough, but rather than being sensible, I took my eye off the ball and ate some of the craap I know I shouldnt. Anyway, have put on 3lbs since Monday!!!! So back on LT to get to goal, then refeed sensibly and follow the proper guidelines - no more maverick munching (food! Lol) for me!!


on the up lol
rofl food went down well last night, guess what i ended up having ........................ a bloody tooth ache :eek: think i have a cracked tooth , only hurt when i ate and after for a while, so i dunno if i will be doing it again till i can get to the dentist, (could be a while) im scared of em LOL

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