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Nikki (AKA Wannabslim)'s Diary- Leaving the WW forum!

Hi everyone,

Since starting WW on the 5th February I have decided that I need a new diary on the WW forum as this is where I now spend most of my time! Hope you guys don't mind.

I'm doing the Easter Challenge but because the losses will first be posted early next week, I will already have done 2 WI's by then so I will post my losses on here. I committed to the challenge before having done a single weigh in on WW and in week 1 I lost 4lbs. I pledged 9, so that means I have 5 left to go by Good Friday- so wish me luck!! Will keep an eye on you guys over on the official challenge thread to see how we're all doing!

As I explained on a post here last night and also on my old diary thread, last night was a bit of a naughty one, as I went over my points by 9.5 when I ate out at the pub. So I have been extra good today and have only used 7.5 so far today. I plan to save 4 today (if possible) and tomorrow, to make up for the excess I consumed yesterday. I dont think there's much point worrying about the last 1.5 as on Saturday I am going for my leaving do at work and am going to struggle on my standard points allowance let alone a reduced one!! Maybe Sunday I will have a few less, plus I will be dancing the night away Sat and aquafit Sunday so that will earn me a few points!!

I really enjoy reading the diaries of others on WW and seeing their progress, and I find them to be an invaluable source of information which have been helping me to find out about points content and how best to stick to the plan, but also they keep me entertained in my hour of misery!! So I thought I really should do my best to repay the favour by posting one myself!

So here I am, warts and all... I hope you're prepared! Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

Signing off,
Nikki x
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Confession time...


Tsk tsk! That is what I am saying to myself today after last night. I had a lovely evening and considering it was Valentines Day think I did pretty well on the old points front. I was careful most of the day so had plenty of points left for the evening. However thats where it all went a tad pear-shaped. Don't get me wrong, everything I ate was carefully planned to minimise the damage, but it was still more than I should have had!

Dinner consisted of a chicken escalope with pasta and salad, with dessert of Ben and Jerrys Yoghurt Low-Fat Brownie Ice Cream! And half a bottle of white wine :D hehe. Actually it was really nice and I was working out the points as I bought the products and I think in total I probably used about 18 points altogether- with the ice cream and wine included. I think I went over my days allowance by 3 points if I have calculated correctly. Which I think isnt bad as Valentines is one of few occasions where I normally allow myself to eat whatever I like!!! I didnt have any chocolates so that eliminated that potential problem.

So the last couple of days I have overspent by maybe a total of 13 points. Which is a little worrying :( especially as the scales were up to 13.8 again this morning so its showing :break_diet:! So tonight I am going to go easy and have some left over salad with the remaining chicken escalope and a little leftover pasta in sauce- total of 6 points.

So far today I have had:

Brekkie: Cereal: 3 points
Lunch: Prawn Sarnie: 3.5 points and Monster Munch: 2 points= 5.5pts

Add that to my anticipated dinner total of 6 points and that brings my days total to 14.5 points. That means I have 7.5 pts saved paying back those which I overspent yesterday and some from the day before. I plan to try and stick to my points allowance rigidly tomorrow and do some exercise to make up for the fact that I haven't done any this week (apart from washing my car :D) and then Sunday I plan to bank 4 plus do my weekly aquafit so I shall earn 4 activity points too. Then I will call it quits for my overspending this week as I think I will have made up for it.

Not sure what the scales will say next week though- tbh I am not expecting a loss on last weeks WI altho I hope to get back to 13.6 where I was last Tuesday morning! It would be pants if I had ended up putting on this week so if I break even I shall be happy given the week I have had, and then its all back to normal next week.

I start placement next week too so I will have less opportunities to snack during the day and will have to plan my lunches so I shall hopefully eat more healthily :D I am not going to let one tricky week beat me this early on in the game, don't worry!!

Just hoping I can stave off the hunger for the rest of the day as I am feeling a bit peckish at the moment... water for me!!


This will be my mantra whenever I plan on eating before dinnertime tonight! My body does not need any additional food so I am not going to give into my naughty side! Not today anyway!

Well, that is a bit of an essay and a half isnt it!? Hope I haven't bored you all to tears already!!!

Love Nikki x
What was I saying... I must not eat?? I forgot to say I must not DRINK!!! So I have now finished consuming for today lol! Been a bit strange as had a nap when I should have had dinner and wasnt that hungry when I woke up although have been in a bit of a snacky mood....

so have now had today:

creme egg: 3.5 pts
packet walkers baked: 1.5 pts
WKD Irn brew: 3 pts :eek: WHOOOOPS
a little leftover pasta bake: 2.5 pts

total for today: 19 points
saved: 3 points

So not quite the 4 that I planned! But I have been looking at Chinese points values and they are much less than I thought. I plan to have chicken with mushrooms with half a portion of noodles- anyone know the points value of normal plain noodles??

Also, on a brighter note, it seems I miscalculated the points in my dinner last night. The number of points in the wine I drank was only 6 and not 7.5 as I thought. The chicken fillet was 3, the pasta was 4 points and dessert was 2.5. Total= 15.5 not 18. Which means I was only over my days allowance by 0.5 points! So I may not have banked any but at least its not as bad as I thought!

So for this week I am now over by 10 points but if you take off the 3 I have banked today I am only over by 7. With the Chinese tomorrow I plan to use no more than 8 points on food, with 5 points allowed for vodka. If I want to bank 4 that leaves me 6 for during the day. Plan to have my 0.5kcal bread as toast for brekkie (2 slices plus butter is 1.5 kcal), then some 1 point WW soup for lunch, and I can keep the remaining 4.5 in case I get hungry, feel like some fresh fruit, or want a couple more drinks in the evening- i think this is the most likely option!!!
Thanks, yeah we'll get there in the end, although scales are not budging! Hopefully can get these few lbs off by Tuesday morning as I REALLY dont want to see a gain!! Will have to be good today!

Am planning on going into town in an hour or so and buying myself a new watch, after which I think I shall go swimming. Then come back and have some lunch probably. Thats the plan!

Well I have just done 20 mins aerobics and 20 minutes toning exercises so I feel I have done my good deed for the day!

I have booked an opticians appt. as have been getting a lot of headaches recently and not sure if it is due to my eyes... but when i feel rough, i eat, and that has to stop!! Off to get my valentines present from my bf too- a new watch :D to be honest its more an excuse to buy something I have needed for ages :D

Not sure how many activity points that has given me- I dont have an activity points calculator- any chance we could get a sticky on here for that??? Anyone? Mini/Starlight??

A disaster of an evening

So my leaving do was a complete disaster. Only one person showed up out of the 3 who had confirmed as definites, meaning the restaurant asked us to move tables in the end when we had received the calls saying they werent coming. One of them to be fair txt me saying she is in hospital with some ongoing stomach problems which suddenly flaired up this afternoon (which I am fine with because it has been causing her a lot of trouble recently and we are all v worried about her) but the other one had a "headache" so that was rly pants!

Then the plan had been to go for a drink after but the one lady who did come was driving so we decided just to have a nice meal then I would hook up with OH in town after.... until he decided not to go out til half 10 (at which point I would have been hanging around in town for an hour waiting for him and Im not gonna do THAT on a friday night with drunken bums everywhere!). So I had to get a taxi back alone, which costs me about £12 each way, and we were sposed to be sharing it so it would have been much cheaper. So I am annoyed about THAT too.

Anyway, so I decided that seeing as drinking was not on the cards, to enjoy my meal and take my time with it. We started at 7 and didnt leave til around 10, so we got our moneys worth!!

Food first:

Starter: combo platter- works out at 4.5 points
Main: half a chicken with mushrooms (1.5 points), with just under half a portion of Chinese vegetables (1.5) and less than half a portion ( a small portion i may add) of skinny noodles with beansprouts (2 points)
Dessert: ice cream dessert: 5 points
Liqeur (sp!?) coffee: (2 points)
2 small glasses of wine: (3.5 points)

Total for my 3 course chinese with alcohol: 20 points
My daily allowance: 22 points

EEEEK! Just as well I didnt go out for drinks after then isnt it!? To be fair though, that is a lot of food for the points :D I enjoyed every minute of it and it felt like a very special treat. I can't remember the last time I had Chinese :) so it was lovely to indulge. However the 20 points does mean that I am over todays allowance (add 20 to the 7 points from earlier in the day) and we are at 27 points, where my allowance is 22. Luckily I did lots of exercise today so I am going to call it quits- the exercise does add up to roughly 5 points so I think that will be fine!

So all in all I guess apart from the couple of problems I have had a nice evening- the lady who I went for dinner with was lovely and I am so grateful to her for turning up! Out of all 6 of the close knit team I worked with only 1 showed up and that has made me realise that most of them rly didnt care- just as I thought! But 1 did, and thats enough for me......

So on an even keel with the points now! Am off to aquafit and for a long walk in the countryside tomorrow so will earn a few activity points for that, and will try and bank 4 as well, to make up for all the little extras this week. Then hopefully Monday I can bank 4 as well and see my weight back down at 13.6 for Tuesdays WI! Here's hoping :D

Hope everyone else has had a good night (and more cheap and successful than mine!). Night night xxxx
Feeling rubbish

Morning all,

The scales are now showing 13.10 :eek: I cannot understand how I have gained 2lbs in one day! I have no way eaten enough for that!! So I have decided for the next few days to try and eat a more balanced diet as I think that part of the problem may be too many carbs and not enough fresh fruit and veg!

So from today for the next few days I am going to up the fresh stuff and put the carbs to one side, and try and bank a few points each day to repair the damage.

I am really gutted about this cos it basically puts me back to pre-WW weight, and I dont know how its happened! Im hoping that if Im good today and tomorrow then I will have lost some by Tuesday morning's weigh in :(

Pooey x
Hey chin up, you need to stop weighing yourself so often as it is normal to have weight fluctuations. However, I do fully understand where you are coming from about gaining weight. I got news on Friday that I had passed my degree and my diploma in nursing exams and haven't stopped celebrating since. The thought of the scales being up has stopped me from stepping on them and so far today I've only had scrambled eggs as I'm deciding whether to try CD for a week or two again. I love the WW plan but sometimes feel I have no control around food, so its easier not eating. Drink plenty of water and increase your fruit and veg and see how you go, but realistically, maybe you should be looking at it that you are managing to be fairly healthy without gaining and your body will start losing it again.

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