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Attack Nikkiruth's food Diary


Big fan of Mini min
Well today is the day I started the Dukan Diet, and I am feeling very positive, I will leave my Diary each day if I can and hopefully it will encourage me to stick to it.
Also I would appreciate any comments good or bad in case I am going horribly wrong, please feel free to high light the problems as I am new to this

B'fast - 1 Gallette, topped with FF Vanilla Yog,
Lunch - Large bowl of prawns mixed with 2 spoonfuls of Quark with a little curry powder and topped with a boiled egg
Dinner - Chicken breast, prawns, crabsticks and smoked mackeral with a small garnish of pickled onions. :)
2 sticks of SF gum,
Plenty to drink, (2 coffee's, Water, Diet Coke)
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Big fan of Mini min
Today is day 2 and I weighed myself this morning and have lost 1lb :) so I am very happy, below is today’s menu

B’fast – Gallette, with Vanilla Yog
Lunch – Smoked Mackerel and crab sticks
Snack – Prawns and 1 boiled egg
Dinner – Roast Turkey followed by a FF Toffee Yog
Plenty of Water and 1 large glass of Diet Coke
Will probably have some more turkey or crab sticks later on in the evening

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Just be careful with the crabsticks as they are limited. Not sure how many as I hate them but 8 seems to ring a bell. Anyway, it's in the book so I am sure you know this already! :eek:
If I'm wrong, someone will be along soon to put me right! :D


** Chief WITCH **
You're right RR - 8 is the maximum as they are very carby and sugary...

At your current weight, you could (should?) be eating a lot more pure protein so, if you're hungry, check out our recipe section and perhaps have a go at making some dishes. Dukan advises a starter, main and dessert - which few have time to prepare on a daily basis - but if you think in those terms on your PP plate, particularly, you can have more than one meat together. I know it seems strange initially but I regularly have some turkey and beef together - and I'm now far more inventive with marinades for flavour.

Good luck!


Big fan of Mini min
Lost another 2lb today, :) Thanks for letting me know about the crab sticks, I must admit I didn't see that in the book so will go back and reread that section, will be more careful in future.
Bit unsure on my hams as I can't seem to find low fat ones, can you suggest any brands which might help me or a tip, not sure what Dukan means when he says low fat!
re crab sticks. I have copied this direct from the UK book.

Category 3: fish

There is NO restriction or limitation with this family of foods. All fish are allowed, lean or fat, white or oily, fresh, frozen, dried or smoked or canned. (but not in any oil or sauce containing fat)

Finally you are allowed to have surimi. originally from Japan; these crab sticks are made from very lean white fish and flavoured with crab sauce and a little sugar. Many of my readers have an unfavourable opinion of them. It is true that this is reconstituted food but having researched into how they are produced, I have seen that they are of high nutritional quality, prepared from small white fish on factory ships in the open sea. Others have pointed out to me that the labels mention carbohydrates. This is true but does not rule them out as it is starch which can be tolerated because of their other qualities. The fat content is very low and crab sticks are extremely practical, odourless and easy to carry around with you.

There is no mention as far as I can see any figure given and any restrictions made on eating crab sticks. I eat them daily and do not seem to have any problems.


** Chief WITCH **
You seem to have two diaries running Nikki, and both end with the same question/issue, so I'll choose this one. Perhaps let the other drop down into oblivion...

The number of crabsticks allowed is not in the book, you are quite correct Frenchfancy. This is something he has advised subsequent to the writing of the French book ten years or so ago, and I cannot explain why this wasn't added into the English book. You'll see this advice being given over and again on the chat on the official website, however, so it is current.

Where ham is concerned, it is again another litigious subject I'm afraid. In France, where the diet originated, pork is not allowed, and only "fat free ham" is (a disgusting looking transparent square thing...). In translation, this has become "low fat ham". As you say, not an easy thing to find in a UK supermarket.

I advise caution and to only eat it sporadically as like all prepackaged meats, it's very salty and often has other ingredients added.


Big fan of Mini min
Thanks to both FrenchFancy and Maintainer, I thought I didn't read anything about a maximum of crabsticks, I thought I was going mental for a bit, I think what I will do is see how I get on but keep an eye on how many I am eating, and try and keep it to eight but if Im hungry they are good for a snack!
Thankyou for your help on the ham delemia, I think for the moment I am just going to steer clear of ham altogether unless I spot any low fat.
I don't know how I mangaed to get to diarys running but I will just stick to this one from now on and let the other one slow fade away, abit like my excess fat (I hope!) He He!!!!
Onwards and downwards to all x


Big fan of Mini min
Today is day 3 and I weighed myself this morning and have lost another 2lb’s so I am still very happy, below is today’s menu

B’fast – Scrambled eggs with quark and smoked salmon
Snack - Oat bran with Vanilla Yogurt
Lunch – Smoked Mackerel, 4 crabsticks and prawns all mixed together followed by a toffee FF yogurt
Dinner – Chicken marinated in FF Natural Yogurt and spices and then dry fried. Followed by Turkey and then a Raspberry Yogurt (it was the last one in the fridge)
Plenty of Water and 1 large glass of Diet Coke
Comments always welcome!

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