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No change

Hi guys,

I have weighed myself this morning (a day early for my second weigh in - which I do myelf by the way) and my weight hasn't changed :(

I was 13.5 last thursday, yesterday was 13.3 and today back to 13.5 again.

My boyfriend (who knows alot about health and nutrition) has suggested that my body has gotten used to the colorie intake and is simply refusing to burn more calories (starvation mode). Event though I am on the 790.

He recommends 1hr exercise 4 times a week (2 classes, 2 outside jogging) and also using chilli powder and coffee to boost my metabolism.

Do you think this is the case? Has anyone else experienced this?

I know this diet helps lose 1st a month (on SS, I am on 790), and I have already done 9ibs of that the first week...but a bit disheartening to see no change at all!

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The Diet Guy

The weight loss on 790 is almost the same as SS.

The reason is more likely to be water retention and will soon flush and the loss will start to show on the scales.

It is impossible for your body to get used to 790 calories and sustain body weight on it as you burn at least double that if you sat on the sofa and never moved.

Exercise is always recommended but make sure it is gentle toning exercise such as walking, gentle swimming, pilates, yoga etc and try and avoid high impact, high energy things like treadmills as you have no sugar in your system to be burnt and may find it knocks you for six and you feel rough afterwards.

Also water is the key, if you can drink 4 litres of water a day then it tends to mean less water retention and more uniform weight loss.

Hi, Don't worry. It WILL happen. I'm on 790 too and for some reason I seem to get a better weight loss every other week. It's averaged out at 3lbs a week though, So just stick with it and you'll do just great!


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