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WEL i did wee wee sample this morning after going for the second time and it was lovelly pink! now i did another test a few hours later ( 15 min ago) and it is pure white!!!! no ketons???? how??? i didnt eat a thing and i am drinking 4 ltr of water! does anyone knows what is wrong?:wave_cry:
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yea but they say that f you are in ketosis you are not hungry and i am HUNGRY! i really dont know what to do now. :(


is loving the soup?!
You will be hungry, ketosis or not, till your body gets used to not eating and your stomach adjusts, and that is going to take a good few days, up to a week. Day 3 is often the worst.
If you were in ketosis this morning, and you haven't gone off plan, you are in ketosis now - it is simply that you have drunk so much water the ketones are diluted.
Just keep going...it's well worth it and the hunger will pass. Find something to distract you, weekends can be the hardest x
oh thats good ................i just got a fraid when i saw white stripe! i am going to stick with it coz i am saying to myself that after i loose my weight i will be able to taste normal food again ( sensibly of course). thats only temporary coz i let myself go! and imagine that i used to train for fitness instructer! (thats before having a baby!) those pictures keep me going! thanks for support! :)


is loving the soup?!
Yep. I'm in the same position. I actually started this more than a week ago. I felt ill and quit...and had to go back on it again. So it's day 8 for me, but really only day 4.
I simply cannot tell you how much I regret simply talking myself out of this...all the excuses seemed so valid until I'd taken that first swallow of food, and then I saw them all for what they were - a load of rubbish EXCUSES.
Really worth sticking it out, you'll be feeling great soon and you'll be slim by Christmas...and then you can eat again, in a controlled way which won't make you feel awful after one bite.
rachel i think you are the best support on this site so i am always looking out for your posts!! thanks very much for all the posts coz i really needed coz i am really really hungry and startng to doubt if i will get the results !


is loving the soup?!
aww I'm not much in the way of support, only being new myself...but what I do know is how awful I felt when I caved and I'd save anyone that feeling if I could!


is loving the soup?!
We WILL...and on that note, I'm off to have a shake ; )
Have a good afternoon x


I will do this!!!
Dont worry too much, my doctor had a lady who lost 7 stone on LT and she wasn't ever in ketosis. Some times it doesn't work like that for everyone.
Hi Hun
ketosis will be more in the morning coz its concentrated, so dont worry, you will still be burning fat. im day 7 now and im sure my urine smells different without testing and ketones are given off in the breath as well

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