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Not doing so well


Getting Married 2012
Ok so we all know that I had a pizza on a Friday night, and that i thought if i only had 3 shakes a day then i would still loose weight.

Turns out that I had put 1lb on which isnt huge and thought would be easily fixed. Since Friday I have drank at least 3 litres a day of water, ha the right amount of shakes and done a little bit of walking.

And what happens when I get on the wii fit this morning i have put on 1lb. My fella, bless him is cooking his food and i am there with my strawberry tetra, he is there with his coffee and i have water.

My first two weeks i lost 1 stone 9 lbs and i havent cheated since 5 November and i havent lost diddly squat.

Loosing heart ....
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Maybe you are retaining water, or cos wearing different clothes you are weighing more, don't feel bad, if you have been 100% the weight will come off, give it a few more days!! You can do it!!
Have you taken measurements? Sometimes they show a loss when weight doesn't x


Getting Married 2012
my cdc only took my waist measurement and every time i do it it is 3 inches more. I am having troubles keeping my trousers up as they keep falling down so maybe its that.

I really wanted to be under 20 stone for xmas but dont think that I am going to make it
It's the 'first two weeks I lost 1 stone 9lbs' that's the clue.

No matter what diet you're on, you don't lose a consistent amount of weight each week. You don't even lose weight each week.

But whatever the scales say, you will be losing fat if you're sticking to the plan. I've heard folks say that what's happening is that your fat cells are losing the fat that's in 'em, but they're filling with water instead.

By and by, when your body's sure that it won't need to fill those cells with fat again, it'll let go of the water in them. And da da! Off comes the weight.

Sadly, you've fallen victim to a common Week 2 / Week 3 phenomenon - no progress on the scales. Scales lie. They can't always tell whether you've lost fat.

Don't be disheartened. What you're going through is entirely normal. Entirely frustrating, but entirely normal. Hang on in there!


Slowly but surely x
lily, you are like the font of all knowledge and wisdom. i love your replies x
keep at it... you are doing fab!!


Slowly but surely x
Clare my love. When we have had exciting weight losses its all too simple to think "I deserve this pizza as a treat". A lot of us do it and then soon come to regret it. If you make your treats something like a piece of chicken or a little piece of fish or one boiled egg, its far less damaging than a carby treat. Honest, next time you want to have something to eat as a treat, make it a SS+ one and you will reap the rewards at weigh in x
I bet next week will be brilliant xx

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