Not sure what to do?


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Right now we have no heating & no water (unless you count the water that's in a bucket gathered from our leaking combi boiler), I have no idea what time the plumber will be here, just sometime today. There is plenty to drink in the house but none of it is water. I have always made sure we have ready made cartons of milk in for babyboy & disposable steri bottles so he's ok, it's just me who has a headache & nothing to drink! It's a few hours yet before I can ask someone to get some water for me & I've already been up since 3.30am with nothing. The diet coke in the fridge is looking very appealing...
dont do it! you'll regret it! could u not ask a neighbour to fill a bottle for you? explain whats happened and im sure they wont mind. especially as u have a baby at home :)

kaz x
Hi Anna

So sorry! I guess it's your turn today to have a day of it!

I'm sure a neighbour would fill some containers with water for you! Hope the plumber comes out soon. Be sure to tell them you have a baby.

Will keep an eye this morning to see how you are doing.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Dizzy x
Thank you. I avoided the diet coke...

I have water! Not out the tap yet but some bottles of it. The plumber should be here this afternoon. I didn't think to tell him about babyboy. We have used him in the past & he has always come out on the day you phone him if it's urgent. He didn't charge us the last time we called him out (almost a year ago) as it was an easy problem to fix. He is due out in Januray to service the boiler, I guess it needed looking at sooner! lol

My cold is a lot worse again today. Babyboy has got me up numerous times the last few nights. He keeps moving around in his cot & ends up on his belly accross the top of the cot, head wedged in one corner & legs stuck out the slats in the other corner! He is too big now to get away with it, ends up stuck & mummy has to come to the rescue. I'm exhausted from lack of sleep.

It's times like these that CD is hard work, worth it but hard work.
Keep your spirits up Anna, you've done really well to avoid the coke. Its tough to CD when you're having a tough day, but you'll feel a real sense of achievement if you can stick to it when everything's going wrong.

All the best, hope the day gets better for you.
Glad to hear you're sorted on the water front at least :D

Wow you've got a great plumber there - my brother used to do all our plumbing but moved to Ireland - lucky hubby is a bit of a diy'r :)
Hope the plumber gets to you soon x
Hi Anna

Glad you have the water now at least. Hope it's not too cold in the house!

Have you ever thought of using one of those sleeping bag type things for you boy in his cot. They are fitted around the body and their arms come out the arm holes and a quilted bag for his legs. Stop him getting out of the covers and trapping his legs. Maybe mention it to the health visitor if it's a problem and they are full of valuable and up to date advice.

Glad you have a good plumber (you don't want to hear our plumber stories (no no no!). I hope it's not too costly and can be fixed quickly.

m'dotty is right you will feel such a sense of achievement today if you can get through it diet unscathed. It is so easy to reach for food when tired and stressed but it only ends up making you feel worse.

Well done for coping so well so far.

I'm thinking of you.

Dizzy x
Yes, we have the growbags but he wont sleep in them, he has always been a fidget in bed! He wont have a blanket on him either. Not sure what I'll do when it starts to get really cold at night. At the moment he is warm enough in a vest, babygrow & rompersuit.

We have heat & water!!!! It cost £50 which is so much better than it could have been.

You are all right, I feel great for having stuck to CD & water! Thanks for helping me to get through yet another mini drama
Hi Anna

Great News

Glad you Ok and feeling fab!

Here's to the plumber! (she says raising a glass of water)

Dizzy x
Yay! I've heard so many plumber horror stories I'm glad we have one that is good, reliable & charges a fair price for his work.

Today is turning out to be rather good after all, babyboy has had me literally in tears from laughing so much as he rolls his way accross the room looking so proud of himself, he has been a wonderful distraction