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O/T - anyone have any words of wisdom

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This is by no means meant to be a sad post - as I'm 90% certain that all is well in my world - but I'd really like to hear from anyone with experience of this...

For about three months I've been experiencing some pain in my right boswam :eek:. It doesn't seem to be related to periods, and it's not a heavy pain, more just a dull ache, with occasional stronger twinge. It's not constant, although I am increasingly aware of it as time goes on.

I can't feel any new lumps or anything, and I don't think I'm majorly worried, but having talked about it to my MIL this weekend I am wondering whether to go to the doctors. I'm always very anti-wasting the doctors time, and like I say, I'm sure all is fine, but should I go anyway?

Having looked it up on the net, pain alone is not said to be a sign of anything nasty. I think other symptoms should be there too....

what do you think? And sorry for the self-pity post....I just thought I'd get some non-biased responses on here.

Thank you.xx
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Mrs V

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I would defintitely get this checked out by your GP. It would give you peace of mind if nothing else.
Take care



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If you have large boobs it could just be a muscle issue. There are loads of muscles around the boob area so the pain could relate to many things!
Could be something called ceasedmuscle.
Or sometimes pain is brought on through anxiety?
Go to the Docs! I agree. Its not a waste of their time because you are obviously concerned about it and thats what they're there for!!


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A genuine concern is not time wasting, even if it turns out to be nothing to worry about. It's not like you're in there every other day with some minor complaint. You're entitled to see a doctor when you need to. And peace of mind is worth 10 minutes of NHS time.
Yep I agree with all the others, you are not wasting time go and get it checked, you can then stop worrying.

I found a large mass under my arm a few years, which was investigated and was thoroughly investigatge (MIR Scan) and it turned out to be fine. Recently it started to ache, so I went back to the doctors, she examined me again and said it was fine just some strain. There I was apologising away and she told me she was very very pleased that I had bothered to have it looked at, so go and get it checked.


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Hi hun, try not to worry and certainly don't worry about time wasting, just go and get it checked out. I am anti time wasting also, however you have a genuine concern. xx
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Definitely not due to having big boobs!!!!! I wish!

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