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O/T Blood Donor


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Totally off topic, but just wondering if anybody knew if you could give blood whilst being an asthmatic? I'm going to go tomorrow to try and give for the first time, but not sure if this would stop me? and if the answer is no, why is that? is it because the blood loss could induce an asthma attack, or because the blood would be no good to anyone else due to the medication (inhalers only in my case) used?
My asthma is really well controlled and stable (on inhaled steroids only) and I don't have a cough or cold or anything at the moment. I'm fighting fit :) I'm half wondering whether to say nothing about it at all, but not sure that would be the most sensible thing to do :-/

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hi, I have a friend who has asthma and she gives blood and has done for years


Fighting for My Health
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That's good to know :) I've actually just found some info on the Asthma UK website, and it seems a lot of people on there do as well. Only time they can't is if they are on prednisone (oral steroid) or their asthma is unstable. Will go along tomorrow and see what the clinic says, but sounds hopeful :)



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Good for you Jayne! Hope it goes well

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Jayne33 you can't donate blood if you are on a vlcd and a centre will refuse to take blood if they know the donor is on a very low calorie diet, because blood viscosity and volume are affected by Total Food Replacement programme.

Total Food Replacement should not be followed for one week preceding blood donation and for one week after.

Source: Dr. Alan N Howard


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Hi Jayne I think it's great that you want to become a blood donor, If you go along to the session they will give you a health form to fill out and answer any questions you have.
They do a quick test to check your iron levels first and if that's not high enough you can't donate.
I've been a donor for years but haven't been since I started LT, I missed the last session due to the snow before Christmas.
Good Luck let me know how you get on xx


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I wonder if doing LT had anything to do with the blood loss that I experienced during my hip replacement? I wasn't warned by my doctor that there could be problems and I did refeed for at least two weeks before? Anyway, my blood count and blood pressure were really low and I'm trying to make up for it now, feel absolutely knackered!


Fighting for My Health
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I don't know Sandra, but I've been anaemic myself in the past and it's not pleasant at all! Hope you do feel better soon xx

Well, I went along lunchtime to see what they would say both about the asthma and the diet. They didn't seem concerned with either! Maybe it varies with clinic to clinic, person to person, I really don't know. Anyhow, I went ahead and gave a successful donation. It was all uncomplicated and I feel absolutely fine. In fact, I feel really rather proud of myself :) I've updated a bit more in my diary.


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