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O/T help needed


is a naughty girl...
Ok So I have a planned weekend off as of tomorrow. Sunday is my birthday and I will be 24 EEK! (I always thought when I was little that at 24 you were married with kids!)

And tomorrow the whole family are going out for a v posh meal at the Vineyard in Newbury

2 Michelin star restaurant | The Vineyard at Stockcross | John Campbell

the reason for this is it is 10 years since my mum had a masectomy and there for in her eyes 10 years since she has been free of breat cancer.

Now here comes the help....I have got her a card and I dont know what to write in it! everything I think of sounds cheesy! anyone got any ideas?
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Stubborn tortoise
I'd say write it, from the heart, and don't worry if it seems cheesy. If you mean it, it's not cheesy, is it? Love and feelings are special, and it will mean more to your mum to hear the words that you really want to say than something clever or cute thought up by somebody else. Write from the heart! And have a fab day....



loving life
Yep, definatley needs to be from the heart and if it's from you and you mean what you say in the card then it will not be cheesy at all hun. Have a great time.


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Cheesy or not, it'll make your mother cry!! Just write what you feel and give her a huge hug!

Have a lovely time!! And a very Happy Birthday to you!!

ps. love your new pic!
What great news about your mum, my dear mum had a mastectomy when I was 15 and I'm 41, so thank goodness some women do fully recover from this dreadful disease.

I know you will find something very special to write, hope that you all have a wonderful lunch celebration, and then you have your special day afterwards x

(And you have reminded me that this is Breast Cancer awareness month, must remember to subscribe to the 'wear it pink' day that some colleagues are organising)


Stubborn tortoise
Aw Bling, my story is similar, that's why I had to comment. My mum had breast cancer when I was 13. She had a recurrence 15 years ago, but is still going strong now, 34 years after that first diagnosis. It's a scary thing, but one of the most treatable cancers. Onlyme, I hope your mum is around for a long, long time to come. Big hugs.


I didn't want to say in the first post but my mum did have a recurrence when I was 23, so infact she's been through 2 full mastectomies. She was very much consulted about whether to have partial or full removals and came to her own decision.
And yes, she's going strong 18 years after last operation - hoorah!

I was wandering about Marks and Spencers yesterday and they were distributing little cards explaining how to self-examine breasts - very useful if anyone can get hold of this in their local store, although of course this info is widely available but I liked the handy quick reference style of the card.

Best wishes x


Stubborn tortoise
Hugs to you Bling, & to you Only, just wanted to say that there is a future... you can come through. Wish I had known that at 13... and that our mums had known. Sometimes the tough stuff makes you stronger.

Hi Honey as the others have said write it from the heart, My sister is currently going thru Chemo for breast cancer and had a single breast Mastectomy back in August. The bravery of these ladies is phenomenal and awe inspiring. Can i just say reading about your Mum and Blingbabes and Katycakes Mum has given some more hope. Thank you both.

Enjoy your meal and have a great time for your birthday xxx
Thinking of you all,
I have to agree with whats been said, just write what you feel and try not to be afraid to be honest. We tend to regret the things we don't say more than that which we do, even if that may make us - or others, cry..!
My mom is 5 yrs since single masectomy, and only 8wks since reconstruction, and like many of us feel about our moms, - she is the most amazing woman i know and i could not imagine life without her. In fact you have now inspired me to go and get her a card to say as much.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, stuff the diet and enjoy, monday will bring a restart, but these occassions only come once in a while..! xx


Cambridge Consultant
Hope you have a fab weekend hon and great news that your mum is celebrating 10 years of being free from breast cancer..
I am so sorry to hear that she had suffered and to all the other girlies that have family that have suffered or suffering sending lots and lots of hugs to you all..
I would write exactly how you feel on the card hon....... I always do when I write cards it doesnt matter how cheesy it sounds.
Happy birthday too.
xxx Marissa xxx
Yes write your ~cheesy~ thoughts and wishes for your mum. Guaranteed she won't think they sound one little bit cheeesy and will appreciate everything you say.
I live in Spain and here people are much more accustomed to writing and saying what they really feel and it's so nice to get a card like that rather than something with just a bland greeting or congratulation. It makes it so much more personal and appreciated.
Go write it all down!


is a naughty girl...
thank you for all the comments! I will tell you I had the most amazing meal and the chocolate fondant WOW! will be back on the diet on sunday. Mum loved her card and I am so proud to be celebrating this day with her :D x

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