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o/t natalie cassidy

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to be honest though, holly who hosts xfactor and is on this morn is a size 14, i defy anyone to not find that a shock!

I hope one-day natalie finds her self a at a maintainable weight, and happy. She clearly has problems that are well documented by all the mags! x
Its the classic case of these celebrities thinking we are dumb... I remember Dawn French saying she was a size 18... PLEEEASE
Or the one who played Mandy Dingle saying she was 11 stone :rolleyes:
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Im so glad someone else posted this...i thought id misheard...she seems such a nice girl, but obviously possessed by the food demons like the rest of us. Ive always acknowledged my size, and whilst i wouldnt admit my actual dress size, i wouldnt try and pull the wool over anyones eyes either. Still, lovely personality and she's clearly loving strictly...good on her.


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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Its the classic case of these celebrities thinking we are dumb... I remember Dawn French saying she was a size 18... PLEEEASE
18 plus she is fab though and just dosent care . i read her autobiography (boring) and she said there were only 2 times she got to her iseal weight when she got married and when she was adopting which i think is awful anyway who has a right to tell you you are too fat to adopt its the love in your heart and your personality not what you weigh


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I heard this tonight too and did a double take. But I think the thing we have to consider is that she's very short. 5ft 3in or something like that. So even if she is a size 12, being that short would make her appear a little more rounded than say someone at my height.
Interesting because i got the closer magazine and her before and after pics in the tight red dress does look as if she maybe a size 12 now.!

Have you all read that article yet?? well even if she isn't a size 12 shes noway near a size 16 now.! she's lost inches you can tell.!



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I also thought that no way is she a size 12!
I am also 5' 3" and am between 12 and 14 (with the exception of 2 primark skirts which are a 10) and I am slimmer than her. Still too large but slimmer! I think she is probably a 16! She has lost weight and one can see it but size 12 - No Way!


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Im glad other people noticed this? If your going to discuss your size on national tv then people need to be honest it doesnt help themselves or those of us trying so hard to loose weight.


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I had to smile when she said that they weren't doing any lifts because they were both too short. I'd been wondering how Vincent would fare all week.;)
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Perhaps she is a US size 12 - she might not be telling the real truth as in UK sizes :):) but not technically telling lies either - just omitting to say they are US sizes
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Dont get me wrong, I love her attitude, and she clearly loves strictly, as do I, but one thing about her that bugs me is she is always the one to bring up her weight or her size first... do you know what I mean.? No one asked her to discuss what size she was, yet she constantly feels the need to talk about it, its like there is just nothing else about her but her weight.... I know she is probably as obsessed as the rest of us and maybe even more, but maybe if she stopped talking about it the whole time, then people could concentrate on other things about her, like he lovely skin, or the dresses she wears or even... get this.... what a good dancer she is. ! ! ! Isnt THAT the point of the show.??? I would LOVE to be her size, seriously I would... :jelous: its just cos the others are so so thin that makes her look huge and she isnt.... I mean, look at that girl Ali.... her ribs stick out SO bad, she is just skin and bone. NOT a good look...(in my humble opinion)


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Maybe she brings it up because the press hauled her over the coals after her first appearance and really ripped her to shreds over her size compared to the other celebs.

And maybe she brings it up because on just about every forum you visit about SCD they are making really nasty remarks about her size.

She can't help but be aware of what is being said and be sensitive about it.

What right do we or anyone have to comment on her when we are so quick to denounce people making derogatory remarks to? We, perhaps more than anyone else, should be supportive of her putting herself out there like that. After all how many of us would volunteer to wear some of those revealing, skin-tight costumes they have to wear?

And finally, we know that TV add about 10lbs so that could well make her look a size bigger than real life. But at the end of the day does it really matter?

:soapbox: Getting off now :D
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I just dont get sizes at all. She could be really short, My best friend is about 5 foot 3" and shes size 12 but quite fat, and I would look too thin if I were a 12, i want to get to a 14 which for me is about 11 stone, where as my friend was freaking because she was 10 stone 2, and I thought I'm not telling you I weigh 4 stone more, 10 stone is in my dreams. But i think Natalie Cassidy is more like 12-14. My friend though shes a 12, cant get into any old size 12, I have a size 10 tee shirt that fits me, doesnt meen I'm size 10 though.
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She isn't tall, and the TV puts 10lb on you. she is looking fab whate er her size. I trmemeber Fern Brittain saying she was a size 16 after those black bikini photos. Yea right.


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