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off the wagon!!!! but its not all bad!

hi all!! hope your having fab weekends!

what a long day i ahavent stopped since i woke up!

so you may remeber today was my big familly reunion meal at the carvery n i was having the dilema to come off plan or not?!

so woke up this morning still unsure to cut a long story short having had a good wi on fri i decided i would stick to normal routine antill the meal and i would come off plan. i had a roast dinner that was lovely though mannaged about 40% and afters that was choc cake n ice cream!! that was lush but mannaged about 20 %!! daughter ate some n the rest went back!

thats amazing i could usually eat all that no prob and then some

so obviously completely out of ketosis..... yet it doesnt feel bad at all as i dont feel out of controll with it!

i drove so didnt drink i figured getting straight back into things tomorrow would be made worse with a hangover lol.

so thought it would be bad if i didn't 'confess' lol

im so tired gonna chill out for a bit drink my water, n get right back to it no moaning in the morning...... be warned there may be some moany posts over the coming couple of days lol but have another planned day off on 3rd december when i should be drinking too :)

im so close to my target now... like 8 lb away i think these few breaks is ok and i am determined me n cd will reach our goal by xmas week

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Sounds like you made some sensible choices hun - well done for getting back on plan. I've been 100% so far, but am only on day 14 and hear that thats the hardest bit, getting back on that wagon after you've come off!

I am having a meal off on 9th December for my works Christmas meal too - I am counting down the days! 18 to go!

Are you sure you should drink while in/coming out of ketosis hun? I hear alcohol floors you!

So close to your target. Bravo for sensible eating and no boozing! An example to us all on moderation and stopping when you're full.

I'm not having a food-based social function at all this year as our holiday party is at a pub with just finger food. I've decided to eat a few pieces of it (i.e. chicken skewers) and have my meal/shakes before I go. Hope it works!
hi guys thanks for your positive replies and not telling me off :)

jill my cdc says as soon as you eat carbs you are pretty much straight out of ketosis so on 3rd im planning to have whole day off so breakfast should contain carbs so should be well out of ketosis by the evening. although i am contemplating not drinking now..... not even diet related more my hate of hangovers and possible overtime the following day lol

galwaymum it will defo work..... last xmas i missed all my xmas doos and social events due to cd anything that was unavoidable like familly b.days i went to ofc and done just that picked at the protein and it never interfered with my losses or being in ketosis so well done for having such a strict plan in place.

well day 1 of getting back into the lovely ketosis and i have been 100% with no cravings even! think maybe i got it out of my system last night lol last time day 2 was the worst for me so tomorrow should be interesting and to cap it off i have a very long and busy day but hey ho its all worth it......

p.s at the familly do my auntie leterally didnt recognise me!! it was so funny!! my little one was with me and she came up to me and said hi... isnt that michelle's (me) little girl............. lol i was like er yeah hi its me btw

determinatoer - it really did feel amazing and to a point all the comments are nice but after a while i get really embarrased.

i just read your kfc post! think i would have just caved if i felt that emotional (and i ahve along the way!) well done hum for sticking to your guns n wow! you have some great stats....


Slowly but surely x
well you didnt majorly blow it, darl. Im proud of you x

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