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Off to first meeting in half an hour!



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good luck babes. your cdc will tell you everything you need to know. drink plenty of water, at least 2.5 litres a day is my handy hint :)

abz xx
i would say... get your motivation for losing weight clear in your mind, write it down or something...
make sure when you feel down you just remind yourself of what you are doing and why!!

Good luck with your apt, and have a great first week!



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I'd agree that the first few days are hard, but I think that truly, the hardest part you've already done- accepting the need to lose weight and getting in touch with a CDC. If you're motivated enough to contemplate a tough VLCD, then I'm sure that motivation will get you through the tough first few days.

I agree with Abz- hunger is often confused with thirst- so drink plenty. And if you feel hungry, try having a big glass of water.

If you waver or feel like giving in, pop on here and talk to all the lovely ladies on the hour by hour thread, look through the inspiration pictures, have a nice hot bath, go for a walk or have an early night. There is so much support here, some of these lovely ladies practically carried me through my first week ;) They always have some great ideas to help you through tough spots.

Hope the appointment went well, and hope to see you posting on here in a weeks time with some great first WI results :) Keep picturing a slim you on the beach in a bikini and you'll be fine


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Hey Liz..
Good luck for your first appointment and for your cdc journey.
Stay motivated, keep busy, drink lots of water.. and stick with it. and you will love it!!!
The weight will fall off you.
Good luck x
So I've arriveed back, CDC was amazing! So I'm all set to start my replacements tomorrow! Really excited and motivated to do this!

I've already chosen porridge for breakfast - any tips on making amazing porridge?

Thanks x
Hi Liz !
Welcome aboard !!! Only tip I can give for the porridge is to blend it well in hot, not boiling water, before you nuke it!

It usually needs a good stir once its out of the microwave.
I personally abolutely LOVE Apple & Cinnamon, and always have it for my evening meal (as its then I feel I need something hot )

Good luck and dont forget to log your losses!!!
Hi Liz good luck with it and I agree with others replies, particularly about coming on here for support.

Just think, when you got weighed today, that is the last time you will be that weight.

Another tip - do some window shopping online at all the lovely clothes in smaller sizes that you will be able to fit in soon by being on this diet.
thanks for everyones lovely messages :)

so I had my first porridge this morning and was pleasantly suprised! Was very tasty.

Now I need to choose my soup flavour to have later - what are everyones favourites?


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