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  1. xKimmiex

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    Had to go into city centre today with my two babies and my sister. Went to job centre so my sister could claim for jsa. Anyway I was waiting downstairs in the lobby with my two children while she was upstairs.

    After 10mins a couple came in with a interpreter because they couldn't speak a word of English. They got sent upstairs and the interpreter had to wait in the lobby. He started making small talk ect and then asked my 3 year old her name and ahe said Taylor, she's innocent and started showing him her necklace ( she was stood about 6foot away ) and he suddenly said

    " aww would you like to come to my house, I give you sweets and chocolate "

    I froze and felt sick and made Taylor come to me. I was like did I just hear him right ?! ( I did!!) then he muttered something in his own language and went. I told my sister who was fuming

    But I feel so sick and shaken up!! Obv can't do anything now but wish I had said something!

    I just want to go and cuddle her so much. I feel like I could cry because she's so innocent and wouldn't of known no different!
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    I can well understand why you felt so uncomfortable. Thankfully you were there to protect her.
    It's hard with kids, you want them to be sociable and have good manners so its quite a fine line teaching them to be wary of strangers, anyone who meets my youngest-now 7- knows our entire family's history within about 10 seconds of meeting her and it makes me cringe sometimes !!
  4. xKimmiex

    xKimmiex Silver Member

    I just think what if I wasn't watching?! I feel sick that he just went "you want to come my house I give you sweets an chocolate?" I don't know what to make of it! :,(
  5. cherylxx

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    kimmie , if u are absolutely certain that is what he definately said then i personally would report it to the police.
    heaven forbid but if he is in search of a child to abduct then there is every chance he will do it again to another child and may well have approached others children before urs. reporting it to the police will at the very least make them aware of a description and since he was there to translate for someone there is a possibility of them tracing his whereabouts.
    i know it may have been just some weirdo that meant no harm but in todays sick world u just cant be too careful imho.
    im so glad u r a watchful mother, keeping a close eye on ur children:)
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    Surely if he meant anything by it, he wouldn't have said it in front of you?

    Also it sounds like he was possibly foreign, it could be a cultural thing where he doesn't understand the implications in the UK of what he said. (obv ignore that bit if he wasn't!)

    I know it must be a bit scary, but you were there and she's too young to be anywhere without you so you'll always have your eye on her so don't worry too much x
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