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off topic-poorly dog

Sorry to be completely off topic but just having a really sad day and wanted to talk. My dog Max was diagnosed with cancer in January and we were told he'd have a couple of months. By some miracle he's still with us but has deteriorated a lot over the last few days. I'm battling in my head if it's time to say goodbye.

He is the first dog I have ever owned and everyone loves him so much. I just can't imagine life without him. Also, my Dad who died three years ago was his best pal so they are very closely linked. Losing Max will be like losing the last part of my dad I have around the house.

I know it sounds silly as he's 'only a dog' but he's been there through some incredibly tough parts of my life and knows me better than any human will.

He doesn't seem to be in any pain but I just don't know when the right time is going to be.

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Oh Rachel, I'm so sorry. There's no such thing as "just a dog", our pets really are members of our family. There's not much I can say, except you'll know when the time comes to act. Thinking of you x
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Oh Rachel :( huge hugs to you.

He's not 'just' a dog he's part of the family and you have every right to be upset, if we lost Poppy I'd be in bits.

I hope he doesn't suffer too much honey and you'll know when it's time to let go <3

Emma xXx
Oh Rachel, he's lovely.
We can relate to how you feel. it's heartbreaking to let a loved pet go. Have you spoken to your vet?
I know you'll get a response from BL on this topic. She's had to make that kind of decision more than once in the past year.
I feel for you. I think you'll know when the time is right.
Love and hugs to you. It's a beautiful photo.


is Magdalicious
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Oh babe! :(
I know what you are going through. Ihad to say goodbye to my dog a few years ago after 21 years (!). I grew up with him and he was as much part of our family as everyone else. I was completely gutted but the fact he went peacefully and painfree (he died in my mum's arms) helped us all deal with it.
I think the main thing is to try and not to think selfishly in such situation. We never what to say goodbye to our loved ones but if your dog suffers, you would actually show him how much you love him by releasing him from the pain :(
Stay strong hun and try to cherish every moment you have left with him.
Thanks guys. Our vet is actually a very close friend and she is being brilliant. She has given me all kinds of options and I know she'll be really supportive when the time comes. She came over this evening and said that while he is deteriorating, he's still Max and still wagging his tail. He doesn't seems to be uncomfortable, just very sleepy. He does have the odd one minute burst of energy when the 'old max' comes back. And when I went to sit with him a minute ago he got up and gave me a kiss. Everyone tells me I know when the time is right. Thank you all for your kind words. It's nice to know I'm not the only one whose pet means so much to them xx

SB-thanks for the photo comment. he's a very handsome chap isn't he?! x
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Hi Rachel....so sorry to hear Max is now declining. I remember when you found out months ago he was ill. :(

SB is right, I have had to make the painful decision twice this past year, and before that once a year for the past 7 years. (We had a lot of cats! lol)

I know what a rotten position it is to have to make that decision. I was going to say, what your vet said - as long as he appears happy enough, then I would wait as long as I could.

Animals have a way of letting us know when they are ready. If he eats, wags his tail, sleeps comfotably, he would appear to be comfortable. Once those things change, that is him saying he is ready.

I also COMPLETELY understand about the connection to your father. As you know, my mom passed away recently, and I am going to have her little dog Muffin. We have had to wait the 6 month quarantine, which has felt a lifetime - but she comes over here ther end of next month, and to me - she is a little piece of mom to me, and I will be a little piece of mom to her - we need each other. I know she will be a great comfort, but I also know when her time is up its going to be more difficult and complicated then other animals.

Max has had a good long life and been loved, and returned that love to you. They are a gift. You will always have those memories, and now, just cherish the remaining time you have with him - however long (or short :() that is.

When the time comes, remember, you are doing the kindest thing possible. And, if you are frightened - it is a very peaceful, gentle way of saying goodbye. Don't be afraid.

THinking of you.

Hi Rachel,

Im so sorry about your dog max :cry:

I know how you feel as i have 6 dogs which are my life, my babies! I would do anything for them and they mean the world to me so dont listen to the people who say he's just a dog! They give more love and devotion than some people i know!

Give max a big hug from me and my gang x x
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what a gorgeous gorgeous dog!
looks just like Tammy, our dog we had when I was growing up. i still feel sad when i think of her...she was a loyal friend
sending you lots of (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))
daisy x
He's seriously handsome yes! Three chidren have gone from terrified of dogs to wanting one of their own after meeting him.
He seems a bit brighter today. Probably because he's been sat on my feet all day. He loves having company and used to sleep in my room with me but can't get upstairs anymore poor chap.
Just want him to be happy and he seems to be today. The waggy tail is still wagging!
Thank you all for your kind words. I know he's not going to live forever but I love him so much! xx


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Oh Rachel I've totally welled up reading these posts :( can't imagine the state I'm going to be in when it is Trinity's time (my lovely cat who thankfully is in good health but turns 11 this year so who knows how long we have left)

Everyone knows about her - she's my screensaver on my mobile and I even sign Christmas cards from the pair of us to certain friends and family - so there is definitely no reason to listen to anyone that says "he's just a dog".

Sending you big hugs and much love to you and your family at this trying time x
one of our cats, Gazzy Wazzy, who we inherited from my OHs parents when she was 18, went on until she was 22!
We still missed her so much when she had to go through old age.
We now have 2 young cats, 3 years old. We did have 3 from the same litter, but one of them, beautiful Mango was killed by a car when she was not quite too. It was heart breaking. My husband cried. He was more upset than when his Mum died!
It's heart breaking to lose a pet, but we get such joy from them too.
Enjoy the time you have together Rachel.
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Hi Rachel,
I can't really add to anything the others guys have said. I am a real doggy person & was heartbroken when our family dog (Smokey) died aged 14. Max is gorgeous & just the sort of dog my daughter is begging me to get.
Sending you both lots of love & good wishes ... hope you have a lovely weekend together :hug99:

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