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Off with this fat!


Likes to change diets...
Okay...thought I would start a diary!

Started exante ( again) 23 March. Want to get back to 12st 8lbs by end of April...for my 40th...its my mini goal and if I had stuck to plan it probably would have been easier to achieve! Oh well I'm going to give it a good go!. Ive upped my exercise and have started a written diary...mostly to moan about my hubby... I did this when following LL and its great to look back on. I weigh myself morning and evening and log weights...its amazing to see the fluctuations throughout the day. It works for me.

I'm having 4 packs a day for the rest of this week, 3 and half next...then have will stick with 3 a day until I have got rid of this fat:D
Ultimately I want to get to 10st 7lbs. Think I can maintain at that weight and I will be there by mid summer. I want to wear shorts!!
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Good luck


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Good luck Sorcha, stick to it 100% this week and you will be a lot closer to your goal , we are similar in weight and our goals , lets try and be slim by summer.


Likes to change diets...
This is it...I have cracked it!!! Im so back in the zone and feel bloody amazing:) So today will be 4 days 100%. The 4 packs a day are definiately working for me.

Was very busy at work yesterday which helps a lot. Day off today so Im going to do some much needed gardening today. At this rate will not have any veg growing...had my lazy head on for last month or so...not good!!

Weighed myself this morning and I'm 14st 1lb...so hopefully all water/glycogen stores used up and now its fat burning time!! woooppp:)

I'm going to hibernate this weekend and catch up with some reading...no going out. Have told hubby I need to get over my first weekend (again) without distraction of food/drink...and that what Im doing.

My lovely dogs are getting more exercise as I'm walking them 1hr in morning and trying to walk another hour every evening.....although its more like 30mins in the evening...all helps in the wobbly bum/legs department:)


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Welcome and congratulations on getting into ketosis, it's a fantastic feeling. It's great that you're feeling so positive, and it's a brilliant diet which will hopefully help you achieve your goals :)

It sounds like a lovely weekend you've got coming up, hope you enjoy every moment :D


Likes to change diets...
Aahhhh...thanks girlies!!
Day 4 nearly done! Its been a great help to come on here and read other peoples diaries...it really has helped me to stick to packs only!

LOL...made myself sound like a right madam with my 'lazy/chilled weekend'!!! This is the only way I can get over the temptation of weekend booze and food!

On another note...my 2 youngest have been cooking the evening meal for themselves,hubby and older brother....but every meal has had a garnish of chips(oven chips mind you ) They are loving it! Oh well..I will have to get back to cooking for them next week or otherwise they will be in need of exante!

Might slap on a bit of the good'ol St Tropez tomorrow...happy days!!


Likes to change diets...
Wish I could bottle this feeling!!!! Day 5 and its going to be 100%.... get in!!!
Cup of char then walk the dogs. Feels like its going to be a good day:)


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Yay you - you sound so positive. If you could bottle how you feel today you'd be a millionaire!!! Lovely to hear (well, read but you know what I mean)



Likes to change diets...
Okay...so thats 5 days 100%!! Im so chuffed that I have got over the 3 day mark! I must def be in ketosis as my mouth feels like I have licked a lard lollipop...yuk!!

Spent most of the day out in the garden just weeding and tidying up and spent last night watching tv!! But it is stopping me from eating/drinking...Im no usually this boring...honest!!lol

Okay...just off for walk with the dogs and then back for my hot vanilla latte!! Yum:D
Well done on getting this far...you are doing so well, keep up the good work and the positive attitude..x
Good luck Sorcha :)


Likes to change diets...
* Food talk...or as toots calls is food porn lol*

Okay so yesterday was going really well...until my youngest son produced a box of celebrations. To start I was very good and held off...told dd, hubby and son to eat them...they left 2 in the box..mars and bounty..so I ate them thinking 'Its mums day, so they wont hurt'....well that led into a full on binge!!

So had throughout the afternoon: 4 x vodka and coke 'zero' (lol)
5 ready made pancakes with vanilla ice cream and brown sugar on top.
3 roast pots later in the evening and half a pack of ham with a couple of slices of cheese.

I had a 'f**k it', its mothers day moment.

Oh well...back to the packs today. My weight Sunday morning was 13st 13lb....this morning it has jumped up to 14st 3lb...I know it is water and glycogen so hopefully plenty of water today and have busy morning at work...so should get rid of most of that by Tuesday....I hope.

Bugger...was doing well too...100% since Tuesday 29th March:(

I have a planned night off Tuesday as kids taking me out for Mothers day meal....why didnt I just wait till then???


Likes to change diets...
and just realised...I was sneaking the pancakes too:( Thats not good is it...hiding the food you eat. I used to do that when I was drinking alot. Nevermind......just and extra day on this diet. I will stick to it!!
We are only human hun....the trick is just to draw a line under it and get straight back into TS!!

Good luck chick..x


Likes to change diets...
Thats was hard...but I stuck to 100% yesterday and only had 3 packs ( I normally have 4)
Weight this morning...14st 1 1/2lb...so heading the right way again.

So visiting my mum this morning, then work this afternoon...although not alot to do today, just checking cows ( we have 14 in calf and the first should be calving within the next week to 10days...wish they would hurry up!!) but its all good as lots of walking involved. Have been walking dogs for an hour or so in the morning and its been a 20min walk in the evening.

This evening we are out for a meal and it couldn't have come at a worse time with me bingeing on Sunday...its weigh-in day tomorrow!
Plan today is to have one pack at 11am, then lots of water/tea/coffee plus a multi vit tab. Im going to have a salad with fish or chicken later. If I feel I need another pack this afternoon, I will but trying just to have the one as I was a greedy b***h on Sunday!

Hope everyone has a good day:)


Likes to change diets...
Weigh in this morning...and after Sundays binge and last nights planned meal...which ended up with me having three courses plus wine...ooopppsss...but very nice....I have lost an amazing...drum roll please.....1lb:(.
Don't worry too much gun 1lbs is good if you've eaten a bit this week, some people gain weight if they eat. Fresh start this week :) good luck xx

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Likes to change diets...
I am going to try very hard to not weigh myself every morning. Its become such a habit tho!!! Yesterday morning I was 14st 1 1/2 lb and this morning back up to 14st 2 lb...so 1lb since last Wednesday. I did eat alot last night though!! Was my mothers day meal and I only had one pack yesterday...prob not a good idea as I was ravenous when we sat down to eat at 8pm.

Please dear hunger angels...have a week off and let me get through this week 100%.
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