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Officially moved onto 810 :/

Well after a week of feeling light headed and weak on SS I have officially moved up to 810 .. scarey !!! I have lost 5 lb since my ticker was updated and my BMI is now 25.3 .. so very nearly in the range where I would HAVE to move up anyway , and my CDC says she finds it boosts peoples metabolism and she often sees great losses and very happy clients .. so here I am .. eating food :eek:

I find SS such a comfort blanket , its 'easy' as i find it hard to control my food intake , but I guess if i can be as strict as SS then I just need to apply the smae principles to 810 .. stick to it ridgidly !!

I had the most amazing mushroom , courgette and green pepper omelette with balsamic vinegar for tea .. really feel full up today and have managed really well to not have 'just a bit more ' .. so hopefully this is the beginning of th end of my CD journey :) I am 3 lb away from what was my origanal goal , although I have now moved the goal post and would like to loose another 17 lb ..... but by next week I will be a healthy weight .. for the first time since the age of 8 ( 25 years ago !!!) ..which is both amazingly brilliant and strangely scarey .... I cannot believe i actually going to be .. gulp .. slim :eek::D

I just hope 810 works for me :)
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I think everyone must feel the same to varying degrees Katie...we can nearly become institutionalised by SS but I guess part of the process is that we have to learn the willpower lessons learnt on SS to our food portions ... can't stay on SS for rest of our lives lol

Just have faith in yourself and remember that you care about and value yourself too much to treat yourself like a human dustbin.


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Hi Katie I'm also on 810 mainly because of the exercise I am doing ATM !
I'm enjoying the meal choices so far !
Can I ask how do u space your 3 cd products out during the day ?? I.e timings x
on SS I had 1 at 12md , 1 at 5pm and 1 at 9pm ....... I am going to have to try and have my 1st in the morning at breakfast time , then 1 at lunch ( 12 ) then the meal at 5pm and a shake at 9pm I think as i think its important to have breakfast to boost metabolism !! the problem I have is the first shake always makes me hungry , which is why I leave it till lunch .. and so i have a shake to have in the evening which is the time I used to scoff !!

what about you ?


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I worry that I have my 2nd shake so close to my first one.

So from tomorrow I'm going to try and do the following!
1st.. At 7:30. 2nd 10:30 Meal 12:30. 3rd shake 5:30pm when I'm back home.

Katie you have done smashingly well these no reason why you will not do well on 810.!!
Good luck

great things

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i sometimes split my meal into 2.

so shake for brekkie about 8am, half meal for lunch, cd at 3pm, half meal at 6pm and last product around 8.30pm


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I'm so excited for you chick. You're one of my inspirations on this site.,you've done so well

Hope 810 works for you and you get used to the eating and eating what you can have.

I'm really scared about 810. I think its cause you still have 3 products a day. (I've got to move to 810 once I'm one stone above a BMI of 25-so 12 stone 4-so says my CDC, which I'm gutted about as its still so far off my target weight, so really hoping we can still get fab losses).

How long will you be on 810 for then?xx


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*Shanny* said:
Chele these nothing to be scared about being on 810.!

The weight losses are really good.! x

I hope so!

I'm excited about it as well as nervous. It's still about 20lbs off though but it'll be here in no time. Xx
chele the average on 810 is 12 lb a month , so only 2 lb less than SS .. they say any diet wil calories below 800 will produce the same weight loss .. its still very low calories :)
Not sure how long I will be on it , would like to stick to it till I am nearing goal , then move up to 1000 for the last few lbs ( so maybe 5--6 weeks ?)
You`re going to do amazingly hun!! You`ve done so well so far :D

Your omelette sounds lush!! Xx