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oh BUM!!

i've just recieved an email form my cdc explaining that she wont be able to see me anymore, due to her taking x amount of new starters on over the last few days. for god sake i only had my 1st visit last tuesday :mad:... she gave me the number of 3 other cdc in the area and 1 is fully booked, 1 cant see me for 3 weeks due to holidays, and the other cant see me for about 2 weeks:sigh::sigh:.... i only have enough shakes until tuesday so wot on earth do i do now. ive tried ringing the number on the site but cant get through.....

so the earliest i can see someone MIGHT be about 2 weeks.. why did my cdc take me on fgs and then take on more people KNOWING she was going to have to drop me, she said she had to drop a few other people aswel:mad:.

im not a happy bunny, but i wont wander from the programme..
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Mrs B

Silver Member
Sarah, this is awful I really feel for you. I'd've thought she'd have to keep you on if you've already started. Or even offer fortnightly visits or something. How cowardly to do it by email too. I hope you find a better CDC soon.
Thats terrible,i cant belive a cdc can do this to you,why the hell has she dropped you,she should of dropped the others,i am sure she would sell the the shakes,why cant she weight you like she was doing up till now.
:eek: i just tried to ring her from the number she gave me on the solesource booklet, now her emails the same as the 1 on the back of the book, and theres 2 phone numbers, i rang the landline number and asked to speak to her, and she said she didnt no who i was talking about, so i rang the mobile number and my call was rejected lol:eek: so i got my sister to ring the landline number, number withheld, to ask about cd and she told her about it, and asked if she would like to arrange a meeting for next tuesday..

healthy eating and being careful i think is what im going to have ot do until i can see someone else... im fuming at the cheek of her!
Bloody cheek,you phone her back on a private number and ask whats going on why tell your sister to go and see her then say she cant see you,terrible
This does not sound right to me, I think you need to take this further and make a complaint. I am sure a CDC counsellor on here will be able to give some advice on how you do this.
yeah kelly, she was totaly fine, she explained everything, we got on brilliant, she was really nice, didnt rush or anything.. i really cant understand it

i just sent her an email asking her to give me a ring..


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I think that she obviously not the cdc for you, whatever the reason. Let it go , no use feeling negative at this point in your journey. Find someone reputable and honest. Let her go.


I think that is absolutely disgraceful!!!!!!!!!
I think she owes you and explanation, she is not as overwhelmed as she claims or she wouldn't be offering your sister an appointment!
If she won't take your calls, I would email her asking her to explain herself before you report her to CD Head Office:mad:
Sorry for the rant but this has made me really angry......it is hard enough to take the first step and put yourself in the hands of a stranger, without being treated like this.
The very least you deserve is an apology (no explanation would be good enough for me at this point) and for her to sell you enough products until you can find another CDC.
Good luck:hug99:
well ive emailed her again and asked her for an explination, if i dont get 1 then im going to report her to head office..

it took me a while to take the 1st step and contact her in the 1st place so i want an explination.. not holding out much hope though.
omg the B**** report her that is soo bad. like and your after starting cd and everything and now she just drops you that is really bad form and would leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth.

Im raging for u. Hope you get some supplies :)
I can't believe she would do this. She knows what it feels like to have to find a CDC and take that step onto the diet. I would complain to head office without a shadow of a doubt.
i recieved an email about 20 minutes ago, been out with the kids for a walk! anyway, it just says

Due to un-forseen events i am unable to keep you on my list of Cambridge Diet clients, if you go to the website i am very sure you will find somebody else to assist you. I didnt not speak to the person you claim i spoke to on the telephone earlier today.Please look on the website for any help you need.
Thank you

Im going to take it further i think because whether it IS just me sha has done it to or not shes bang out of order.

Thanx for all your support


MUST get a grip
What a pain in the bloody butt!!!!

Firstly, the most important thing to do is to ensure that you have enough supplie to last until you find a new CDC - the woman you are seeing owes you that if nothing else, I would also tell her this, it doesnt have to be rude, just email her and advise that it took you an awfully long time to embark on this journey and due to her issues, whatever they are - you the customer/client have been let down considerably.
Can she please supply you XXXX amount of packs until you find a suitable replacement.
Thanks for nothing - SEE YA!

THEN - I would go and report it to HO after I knew I'd got my supplies -if you find a replacement CDC before your supplies run out not a problem when you explain to them what has happened they'll probably be extremley accommodating!


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