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  1. dazzler5

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    starting cd on wedneasday 4/7/07
    Oh well it is d-day today i eet my cdc at 2pm and by toorrow will be on my first cd pack...i hope they are nice...or at least ok!!!

    Last night my youngest soncompared me to dawn french whilst watching the vicor of dibly....made me very upset i would much rather be compared to catherine zeta jones lol lol lol

    Oh well where was i....

    This time as before the preganncy did not go too well and this time i also had the stres of wondering if this baby would be autistic too....it was not good!!! WHEN MATTHEW WAS BORN HE CRIED WHENEVER YOU HELD HIM WOULD NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT AND HAD TO BE FED IN HIS CHAIR!!!!!!

    We tried everything...nothing worked ...here we go again...

    We still lived in a rough area and drew was being bullied called freak,retard,geek...anything you can think of and was becoming very withdrawn....the last straw was when someone threatened our family and put the windows in...just because my little boy was different!!!!

    We got moved to a much better area and drew got into a private specialist school and miracle of miracles matthew the youngest started to smile and develop ....he was going to be ok!!!!

    For a while we just plodded on it took both of us at home to manage but togther we did it!!!

    Evenually about 2 and 1/2 years ago i decided we had to move on and start moving forward... igot a job workng with disabled adults and started to retrain.

    Now i have been back to college and am going back to university in september to train as a social worker...my husband andy is also retraining as a teacher....we are taking control of our lives atlast and now it is time to take control of our weight!!!!

    Hope this shows an in sight into my life up to date...i needed to get some of it out and i feel much better now ...i will let you know the result of the meeting and dreaded weigh in!!!
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  3. Lottie-kins

    Lottie-kins Nice and Normal

    Cambridge diet
    Good luck at your weigh in today and for the start of your transformation. xxx
  4. LENNY4974

    LENNY4974 Silver Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    I want to wish you all the very best for your CD journey.

    Good luck with weigh in today:)
  5. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    cambridge diet / weight watchers
    Best of luck with the training and weight loss.
  6. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    ooh good luck, let us know how you get on with your CDC :)
  7. Sambucca

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    Good luck. You have had a lot to cope with and you sound ready for this. We all know what you are going through with the weightloss so keep coming here for support.
  8. gg2007

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    Hey hun! Good luck with the training!! Im also training as a social worker just finished my first yr @ uni. I have found this website really usefull you might want to check it out also Welcome to Student Social Workers Forum Good luck with your weight loss journey xxx
  9. Nessa

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    Slimming World
    Best of luck to you both on your cd journey
  10. I will do it this time!

    I will do it this time! Full Member

    I'm doing it the cambrige way!
    Good luck with your journey, your story mirrors mine a little as we have two out of four children on the autistic spectrum, and for years we have fought against the education system and lack of understanding from others!

    Aftersome dramatic events last year we decided enough was enough and slowly we are turning things around, part of this being my weightloss journey, and part is that we are both now doing degrees and retraining!

    Remember when the plan gets tough, look forward to your dream as you will achieve it!

    Good luck! Use this forum as for the past few weeks I have experienced non stop support and encouragement!

    PS My hubby happens to find Dawn French incredibly sexy!!!!!! hmm not sure hwat will happen if I ever reach Catherine Zeta's proportions!
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  11. Linda5111

    Linda5111 I can do this.

    slim and save
    Good luck to the both of you....hope all goes well with cd.

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