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Total Solution Oh well

Had a really crap day lots goin on and none of it good and i thought bugger it im not doin this diet anymore n went to order chinese. Oh stopped me by saying he didnt fancy one and that he was goin to have an omlette so i made them for dinner. Mine was made with 3 eggs, chopped wafer thin ham and cheese and had 2 tbspn beans with it, really enjoyed it...... But after wanting to eat all week i now dont want to continue eating i want to get bk on ts 2mo!! Do you think it will be poss?? Im not doing too well am i crumbling on day 5 :( xx
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Only you can make it possible. If you want to get back on TS tomorrow, then do it.

The omlette won't have caused as much damage as the chinese would have, so that's a slight bonus.
Im def getting bk on it in the hope i still lose something on monday!! I oddly felt as soon as i ate it that i could go on with ts without feelin way i have been!! Mabye i need to do that once a week or something have a ws day and if its planned then i will have the rite foods in!! And one ws day shouldnt be too bad a week for affecting wi xx
I think a lapse here and there helps us in the long run. At least you have learnt from it and now want to get straight back into it.

I'm sure you will still see a loss on Monday. One day of WS each week will not make much difference at all to your losses, as long as you do it right. :)
Thanks just needed someone to listen even tho its late lol!! I will b bk on it 2mo and from now on i think i will plan a ws day for a fri or sat!!thanks again x
Why dont you do ws for a week and then do the odd day off ts so your gradually reducing your food I would never do ts I did ss on cambridge for 7 weeks and lipotrim for 13 weeks having no food at all and it was awful and soo hard to stick to I did it but a lot off us think we need to keep away from food all together to lose weight but we don't, what are we teaching our selves about control when we do! Absolutely nothing! We just end up binging and feeling awful :-( by doing ts your losses are still the same bar 1/4 to 1/2 lb a month difference I can live with that because it's so much easier to stick to than having no food at all we have to eat it's natural I found when I abstained from food for such a long time as soon as I started eating again I felt like id failed because I'd been telling my self for such a long time that food was bad! And I couldn't control it and I ate the same as I did before hence why im back here :-( where as if you do ws your having a small meal and you feel satisfied and your also teaching your self control x


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Yes, I think making this diet succeed is as much about how you think as what you eat. So if you choose to eat then you can choose to eat junk or you can choose to eat something sensible and start retraining. That's not to say it isn't hard at times of course....... but if we don't change our eating habits we'll end up back where we started :)
I take your point about what works for you debbie125, but we are all different. Some people will find it easier to do WS, others find it easier to do TS, some people can't do either. Just because a person prefers to do TS and only has meal replacements does not mean that they aren't learning anything about control. Any diet is all about control.

The problem is that people don't take the time to learn more about what to do after losing the weight. If a person doesn't bother to learn more about why they over eat, healthier eating and what is right for them, then they will inevitably return to their previous habits and it would have all been a waste of time.

I can understand how WS will help some people to begin the process of understanding a little bit about healthier eating, but it's really only a very small part of a much bigger picture.

I also believe that the difference between WS and TS is going to be more than just 1/2lb per month.
Even by eating a meal, if you get right back onto the diet, you will still be losing weight. Imagine how you ate before, and compare that to doing TS and then eating a meal. There is a reason people also lose weight (more slowly) while doing things like Working Solution. Maybe you should think of doing one of the other plans where you add a meal? Better than giving up entirely. You will still lose weight. Remember that any one of the Exante diet plans is better than the free for all eating you were doing before. You can do it :)