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Ohtobeslinky's Diary

Right - decided to keep a diary on here to keep me on track and so I know where I'm up to! It's also nice to have it written down somewhere!

May 10th 2010 - 1st Weigh In - 298lbs - 21 stone 4lbs
May 17th 2010 - 2nd Weigh In - 282lbs - 20 stone 2lbs = -16lbs
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Likes to eat
Think a diary is a great idea - I loved mine when I lost a lot a weight a couple of years back and its lovely to look back on.

Still cant believe your 16lbs loss. Absolutely fantastic.

How are you feeling now that your on week 2??
I'm ok - for some reason this week is starting out a little harder than last week. I am starting to think about missing food and the social side of eating. I am suffering a bit more when my OH cooks - like last night's sausages!

I guess I'm lucky - I only get a headache when I'm down on my water intake. I'm not dizzy or anything like that. I have got a little snappy but only when I'm due a shake.

To be honest I haven't felt this in control of my weight since I finished radiotherapy & other drug treatments. It seemed like the hospital had control over my weight with whatever drugs they decided to put in to me. Thank god I've taken the bull by the horns and I'm doing something proactive this time. I have control over what goes in to my body. And it doesn't have to be food!

Thank you for the well dones! x


Likes to eat
Oh my God - radiotherapy? you sound like you've been through the mill. :-(

I understand completely about the social thing - you'd swear it was on purpose - I have a huge communion party on Saturday (have to go), was asked out with work colleagues for a session Thursday night (am on maternity leave - not going), asked out by college buddies for end of exams celebration (not going), to a 40th birthday party (not going), I could go on and on and on... I usually have nowhere to go! LOL!! - feast or a famine, huh?
It's crazy isn't it?! Luckily all my close friends know about my diet and are being more supportive than I thought. The stupid friends who forget are being more annoying "fancy breakfast in you fave caff?", "fancy a take away from your fave chinese?" - yeah that's not fun! My OH is planning a long weekend away and I'm realising that I've got to do it food-less - hmmm difficult as on holidays I just want to eat my way around a new place!

Radiotherapy - yeah not fun. I have an inoperable brain tumour and I've been through the mill a bit. Radiotherapy left me with a huge amount of weight to shift as I was on steroids - which increase your appetite 10 fold! I was getting up at 6am and cooking fried chicken! It was crazy. I'm going to live with the tumour my entire life but I don't let it bother me. In fact that is why I have pink hair - when I had the radiotherapy I lost my hair so when it grew back I decided to celebrate my hair by turning it bright pink! Whoooo! x


Likes to eat
God, you poor thing, your so, so brave. I really hope you succeed at this (what am I saying? COURSE you will) you deserve it!! I can completely understand about your hair - I suppose its like celebrating that you have it back :), its like changing your wardrobe to beautiful skinny clothes when you loose loads of weight - you want to show off your new body to the world. Please dont get me wrong though, I dont mean to belittle your experience in any way by comparing it to weight loss, but what Im trying to say is, maybe 1% of how you feel with your hair is how I felt when I lost 7stone the last time.. that probably sounds completely wrong (am usless at explaining myself) so sincere apologies if it offends in any way.

I've had a family member on steroids before and she just blew up - was really strange as she was teeny tiny beforehand (she did eventually manage to get it all off though!!)

Yes, yes - friends can be bold. Actually I am avoiding telling as many people as possible - am shocked by the reaction of some.

I remember years ago, (2) when I was an avid Weight Watchers member and losing weight "properly" (lol), a guy from work was on Lipotrim - I knew NOTHING of the diet but knew you didnt eat and had shakes but just presumed that since he was getting it from pharmacy that it was safe and anyway, as far as I was concerned, it was his business, I DID ask questions about the diet though - but not in a judgemental or negative way - purely inquisitive and interested.

I could not believe the amount of comments/ opinions/ negativity he received over it - it got so bad that I really wouldnt have blamed him for turning round and telling every one to just "f*** off!!". Whats funny is that those people knew as much about LT as I did - zilch - but still felt entitiled to give their tuppence worth. For this reason Im only telling who I have to - Im not going to the events I listed before because Ill be tempted to eat or drink - no, Im way to determined at the minute - but because I just do not want to listen to it or have to explain myself!!!
I'm getting a bit of flack - a lot of people saying that the weight loss is too rapid and that I'll get really ill blah blah blah - but surely it wouldn't be medically safe to do this diet if that was the case!

No worries - I'm not offended at all! Weight loss is even more of a struggle for me than going through treatment! At least the doctors were in control of my health then - I'm the only one who can take control over my weight. I really can't wait for the moment I can get in to clothes from most - if not all - high street shops. At the moment I get most of my clothes online or from the Inspire range at New Look - very very dull! I have a wedding to go to on 25th September and I want to be in a lovely dress for then. x


Likes to eat
By the 25th September you'll be a new person!! you'll look fab (cant wait to see those photos!)

Good point regarding control of your own weight - very scary when its all in our own hands sometimes.

Hope today went well for you, you sound so determined Im sure it did. x
Thank you hun - I'm starting to flag a bit today. I've noticed more food on TV, in advertising, the number of shops etc etc. But I will not give in. I promise. How's you doing with it? x


Likes to eat
Please dont give in - I know you wont - I know its hard but just keep thinking "eyes on the prize" you CAN and WILL have all those foods again - just not right now, its not like your never going to eat again - your just having a little break from it (thats what I keep telling myself)

You'd be so so fed up if you gave in, your doing so well!! have a bath or just go to bed!!!!. Also keep imagine the look on everyones face when you prance into that wedding - a slim little pink haired hottie!!

Am doing ok, its only day 2 for me though so am still very motivated - heres to hoping it lasts!!!


Silver Member
Well done with starting a diary. I didnt think of that :( I did a blog instead :) You really seem focused with the diet! And by god this diet definitely needs willpower, in abundance!! :) xx
Cheers Hez - you're right. It's all about will power. I've never had any before - that's why I fell off so many diets. I'd always found myself by going "oh one choccie bar won't harm me" and it turned into 2,3,4 bars! This way I have to remove food altogether so there can't be temptation or falling off the wagon without me feeling so unutterably guilty about it. x


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Well you certainly seem to have taken to it like a duck to water lol hopefully we can keep each other going on this lipotrim train of ours. :) xx
Hell yeah! Everyone on this forum rocks - it really helps having everyone on here being so encouraging and lovely about LT x


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I wouldnt have lasted this long without the people on here. my weight loss is a group effort :) xxx
Eurgh. I went to a BBQ last night - it was awful. All the burgers, sausages, prawns, chicken kebabs, profiterols etc etc etc. I was so tempted. But I stuck to my water and then had a chicken soup and managed it. My friend who was hosting the party said she was so proud of me (that made me cry) and I know this is worth it.

Today my friend put the pictures up on Facebook of last night. God I am a fat heifer! I look awful. Sitting on my fat arse, rolls everywhere. I have to have a decent weigh in tomorrow. I have to be slimmer. I cannot go on like this.

I am so hot. I am sweating and finding the heat really hard. Guess that's what happens when a fat person goes in the sun hey?

Well it was all worth it. That's 25lbs gone in two weeks. Yes - definitely worth missing out on the BBQ and everything else yummy. I love my strawberry ice shakes and my chicken soup. They keep me going - as does getting on the scales every week and seeing them go down. Phew - at last something that works! x


Likes to eat
I read this on the main forum but really wanted to post in your diary - OH MY GOD!!!! that is unbelievable - how fantastic are you??? has to be the best loss I have ever heard of! - almost 2 stones in a fortnight!!. you must be so delighted.

Well done on the barbeque (sounds like torture!!) but bet your smiling today!!!. All worth it.

Are you noticing a difference yet? I mean, in your clothes or your size (i.e. FEEL smaller)?

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