OK! I done it, I posted some pics! ARGH


Finally...Life begins
It was my first personal challenge.

But this week when i took my photos and done my measurements it was the first set I could see a bit of a difference in.

A few people at work have said I have lost weight, so thought what the hell, ill post some on here too.

Will add a new one in a few weeks looking smaller me hopes!:p
You can really see a difference. Well done you.

I love looking at the photo's, keeps me focused and they are so inspirational.

Way to go Angela!!

Jazzy xx
I can't see any either!!

They are on photo gallery!

Well done Angela, thats a great difference!
Keep up the fab work!
I just located them, guys - click on Gallery at the top of this page and they're in there!

Angela - you can definitely see a difference - very well done, hun!!! You are rocking and rolling!!!!!
Yah i found them!

Your doing really well Angela, i can defo see a difference!

good luck for the rest of your journey.

Angela...Oh you can definitely tell a difference girl!!!

Keep on trucking, I'll be joining you soon as Xmas challenge begins on Friday!!!:D
You can really see the difference, you must feel so good about it. It is hard this diet but when you see the results it makes it all worthwhile.