OK let's cut to the chase....


The Diet Guy
How the hell are you lot so damn good at these arcade games!!

I sooooooo want to be the champion at just one of them but I don't even get near the top!

And LA!! You are the champion on 11 of the damn things!! What are you superwoman or something :)

OK off now to try and find a hidden arcade game that you lot haven't found and got 3 billion points on yet :wave_cry:
i feel the same way! (tho i have managed to at least whoop u at card tossing thingy)

i mean...the quick words game....how on earth does anyone manage to get over 200,000 on that damn game??

at least i have forgotten about food. its been replaced with frustration with trying to prove myself in the arcades (and failing, of course :mad: )
LOL - be careful though Mike, you pop in the arcade for 5 minutes and suddenly it's time for bed! I spend far too long in there - good fun though :p

In fact I've banned myself for today as I really need to get and finish my modules (only got a couple of weeks to complete them) but I'm dying to go and have a peek, just a small peek, 5 minutes you understand - that's all.
I might have to send Mini an envelope stuffed with cash so she resets all the scores :)

i'll contribute, at least make me 2nd place on everything.
I'm please to report that I am a recovering addict.

It was ages before I decided to brave the room, then got stuck in there. Thankfully, with the help of GAA (game addicts anon), I have managed to resist the room for at least a week.

Of course, it's been hard. I have constantly had to battle with temptation. Write lists of what I really want out of my life and had numerous baths when I've felt tempted...but it has so been worth it. Even had time to clean the loo yesterday;)

So for all you fellows sufferers, all I can say is 'get help now'. Don't put it off. There's help out there...you just have to make that decision and reach out to get it :D
My name is Dotty & I'm an Arcadeaholic

There I've said it, first steps - phew
Well I don't think I'm an addict....I'm only in there for 20 hours a day and that leaves me with plenty of time to look after my daughter, sort out hubby's dinners and run my business so I'm actually ok! Haven't seen any friends for a while or spoken to them but I'm sure they're all ok!

Anyhow I can't stop....just need to pop in on the Arcade and make sure everything is ok in there before I go to bed! ;)
Add like Mad is an easy game to do. :D :D :D

Its just very boring but if you keep going you will certainly be champion of that one. I was for a bit but got knocked out. LOL
That always sounded far too mathematical for me :rolleyes:
I played scrabble for days - I will pulverise anyone who dares to knock me off top spot!
Got repetitive strain injury after it too!
trying to do quickwords but this madamdotty woman above me is taking some beating!
And long may it stay that way :D

I'm already engaged in battle with Mindless over the Alphabet Soup. I did try and knock you off the Scrabble spot, but gave up - I admire your perseverence :)
thanks MD
would be seriously sad if I lost my one & only claim to fame! Don't worry about quickwords I am nowhere near always get a strange set of letters as I near 10,000 points and my ickle brain gets all muddled up!
you have a bit of a jungle theme going on in your posts...always fascinates me are you an intrepid explorer?
you have a bit of a jungle theme going on in your posts...always fascinates me are you an intrepid explorer?

No not at all, I'm a real homebody who loves her home comforts. It all came about accidentally, just loved the orang-utan picture and I do love monkeys & apes, and then came across the meez picture and liked that too. No other reason.

I'm sure hubby likes to think he's a bit of a tarzan though :eek: but I'm no Jane :D