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ok so anyone tried senokot ?????????

Interested to hear the reply.....dulcolax worked for me last week, but i've taken it for the last 3 days and nothing, so thinking of trying something else tonight

i'm desperate now as weigh in tomorrow and i havnt lost anything, i'm so bloated i feel like i've gained 20lbs.......even thinking about not going to be weighted tomorrow to give me some more time....but that will probuably mean the end for me.


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I use it, no problem, was wary about using laxatives, but its helped no end, try only to use them once a week though, I have not tried the other one so cannot comment. This week no needed any for some reason, maybe they are still working.


Here we go again!
I've tried them and found them really good. I try not to use them more than once a week too and only if I really need them. They seem quite gentle and I didn't have any cramps or any problems with them.
jury still out on senokot for me, does anyone know if u can get ducolax in tablet form


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i use dulcolax once a week if i havent been able to go - weirdly i prefer the instant cramping, sweating and thinking i am gonna die in a pool of my own doodah!!! joke :p

i think senokot might be gentler
Sorry you are feeling so bloated, I bought some Dulcolax, just in case, but not taken any yet. I've heard Senocot are good though.


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Hiya, I'm not bloated, but I went for coffee in a cafe and had a really strong percollated coffee. It was better than any fibre. That might work, but don't forget to up your water to counteract the coffee. I think it has to be real coffee and not instant.

Hope it works.

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