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OMG - some people..


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why is it that some people.. how ever happy you are always seem to find a negative... URGHHHHH

At work today and I feel really happy.. I always feel like that at the moment and was talking to a friend at work and we were talking about weekend etc. I said I was really happy as I had bought 3 tops in river island and they were a size 12..

She turned round and said. its funny as you would have never have thought you were a size 12!!! OMG .. I mean Im a 14 bottom.. but how rude. even if you thought it would you not be happy for someone and keep your mouth shut.

Sorry rant over you really do get some comments dont you! Im the kind of person I would only ever be happy for people. Im keepin my mouth shut in future. x
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Rude!! Size 12 is a dream, don't let it bother you! X
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OMG that is such a horrible thing to say!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: It's sad when people just can't stand to see someone else doing well so feel the need to stamp their unwanted rude opinion all over it.

Some people are just plain nasty, don't let them get to you.

This girl from college that I haven't seen for ages added me on facebook and sent me a message saying "Hi Rachel, you look like you are having fun at uni. I'm not being rude but you have put on a lot of weight" and that is literally all she said. Not "hello, how are you?" or anything. Funny thing was is that she herself if a very big girl. No one has ever really said anything negative or nasty about my weight so that was a real shocker- I remember feeling hot,sick and shakey after reading that.

It took me a while to get over it and to stop reading the message over in my mind as it's so hard to let negative comments slide. Just remeber you have done SO well judging by your losses and try and remember all the compliments people have given you.
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OMG OMG, Curly and Dita, you have my permission to send them a virtual slap, how rude!!! I am angry for you, but try and think why they have said it, they are probably just jealous, so hold back, and wait a little bit longer, when they notice even more weight loss and probably wont even talk to you because they wont know what to say!

Big Hugs tho xxx
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Absolute green eyed jealousy, should make you more determined to stick at it!! Smile sweetly and don't let her know she's upset you. Well done on your size 12 x


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well thats rude!
Just ignore her! Some people only feel threatened by formerly fat 'friends' losing weight!
My EX-Best mate who is a sie 10 used to always moan about feeling fat....when i was a size 22! Hence why she is an EX! lol
Your doing super!!! At least you will appreciate where you are with your weight


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The proof is in the labels Curly... Size 12!!! You ARE a 12, and you worked hard to get there, so enjoy it & be happy and shout it from the rooftops if you need to! People who can only say nasty things are nasty inside, bitter and mean, and we should feel sorry for them. You are too good to let her hurt you honey... let it go.

Dita, likewise... she is clearly jealous! I identify with the way things like this run through your head again and again, hurting every time... but don't let it. We're in charge... time to smile and brush away the nasty negative stuff like you would an annoying insect. And maybe realize that people like this are not really friends, and only pull us down, which is NOT what we need.

Big hugs all round.

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May be she thought you looked more like a size 10 then a 12 ? You look even better than you thought ! xx


Stubborn tortoise
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One things for sure, size 10 won't be far away!



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So rude!
Don't understand why people have to be like that? Sure, they might be jealous but that's not a reason to be a biatch. :mad:


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Some people...says it all really!
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Its jealousy in that you are in control where she has issues herself and being rude to others makes her feel good in a twisted way.
aww dont let her get to you...why cant people just keep quiet...

i saw my old manager a couple of weeks ago and the first thing she said to me was "oh my god you've put on weight" but she said it in greek which came out a lot worse and her face! then she noticed my twins and said "oh that's why!" i was fuming!

next time i see her i'll show her!
what a B1tch!!
Thing is even if she didn't know what this meant to you, a decent well mannered person would never pass judgement on someone like that!
Just think, you can walk around with your head held high, and have no reason to be like that....
like Badger say's people who are rude and confrontational often have issues themselves, especially confidence issues, so you should feel sorry for her really!
Don't let it pee on your parade 'cos you are doing amazing!!
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what a jelous biatch! you're not smaller than her by any chance are you? she probably sees you as a threat :) ! can't wait for you to shift a bit more + tell her you got some size 10s ;)


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Marissa, Just ignore her and don't let her spoil the high it gave you to buy the size 12 tops!! people like that just aren't worth your emotions at all xxxx


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I wish I could get into a size 12 from River Island. I could 3 years ago and when I look at those tops now (which I keep for when I get into them again) they are sooooo tiny. Well done. If it fits you - then its your size. Kick her arse!!


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This is the kind of stuff that makes me miss Japan.. They wouldnt dream of saying such a thing to someones face over there. In fact, everyone compliments everyone whether they mean it or not. And even though a good lot of the compliments you receive are not necessarily heartfelt, its still good for one's selfconfidence.

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