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OMG! Thai Soup is Lush


2nd Time Lucky!
I love the thai soup too I find that it tastes like curry sauce lol :D

I normally have 2 soups and a shake a day :)
I cannot believe how nice it tastes!! like proper food :D

Bad news it I only got one to try but I am going to get lots more this week. Can I drink more than one soup a day?

On Day 5 now and coping ok :p

Yeah I had the same soup last night and it was loveeeeeeeeeeely :) you can drink 4 soups on LL aday!!:D me too for day 5 weigh-in soon Glad your doing ok


2nd Time Lucky!
Yes sugarplum your allowed more than 1 soup a day. You can have 3 soups a day if you prefer as far as Im aware. As long as your having your 3 packs a day.
Only things that are limited I think are
No more than 1 tetra a day
no more than 1 bar a day
no more than a muffin/mousse etc a day
As they arent as full of water as the rest :)


Gold Member
Oh I wish I had got some soups now!! My CDC didnt have any and is on hols so will have to wait til she gets back to see f I can swap some of my minging strawbery shakes for yummy soup!!


2nd Time Lucky!
Sugarplum dont quote me lol as im not 100% on that
I heard someone say this on another forum that it was one tetra a day. Cos of the water. But if your drinking all your water might not be a prob.

Lets wait for the CDC to come clear this up before I dig myself any deeper lol
I love it!!!!!!!!!!
Another Oriental chilli soup fan here!!!!!!

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