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OMG windy alpen lights

I've just started eating them this week. I've had 2-4 a day as my HexB's.

My word, the wind, the pain & the smell (sorry tmi!) I've just cottoned on as to what's causing it :( as surely it couldn't be the cabbage from monday LOL now this isn't the odd one, it's every 5 mins or so.....(can't believe I'm writing this!)

Anyone else or is it just me? I've bought loads as well as I'm giving up bread :(

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If your having between 2 and 4 a day then that could be the issue, it'll be your body adjusting to all the fibre your now taking in :)
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have not got a clue what is causing it but you really made me laugh:8855::8855::8855:.........................thanks for that xxxx
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I think it is your tum getting used to the different food. I have crohn's disease and that has improved since I have been on the healthy eating....i am sure you will be fine.....just say it is 'pure air'......


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this Way Of Eating is fabulous BUT it won't help you to keep your friends !



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LMAO! :D I've had 2 Alpen Light Choc & Fudge bars today but not noticed any extra... parping.. yet!
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I really love the Chili con Carne that was on the First Week booklet, and made a huge pot of it on Sunday to last for the week for lunches.
Well, I liked it so much that I actually had most of it on Sunday, and then ate two days portion on Monday at work.
By the end of the day I had a really hard time to get up from my desk and carefully walk to the loos while clenching my "cheecks" real tight.... LOL!

I will be a bit more cautious in the future!


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:8855: Generally have 1 or 2 Alpen light bars each day and not noticed anything. My first few weeks on sw were gassy but since then nothing.


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i have the same problem with the alpen lights bars..i was having two a day and a few days after i was getting pains in my tummy and it was a little bit windy :) so i don't eat them every day and im much better now :) i have IBS though so it could just be that


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:8855:Thought it was just me! I was exactly the same if I ate more than 1 Alpen Light. Also made my tummy make REALLY LOUD grumbly gurgly noises - some v. embarrassing meetings before I realised what was behind it. Didn't bother persevering to see if it settled with time. Can't imagine what it would be like after eating 4 ... parp :D
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:8855::8855:It's definitely the Alpen lights. I've had to stop eating them. My husband and son sat me down and told me it was the bars or them (they were only kidding - I think).


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Yeah i had to stop eating alpn lights for that very reason lol x

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