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On SS and need advice re: week 4

Hi all, well i am very pleased as week two showed a loss of 5lbs so 12 in total which is brilliant!! My Cdc told me that on week 4 i have to include a meal with my shakes? Did you all do this? I have read posts where people stated they were SS 100% and did not cheat so does that include not eating on week 4/8/12 ect....
All advice appreciated.
Dolly x
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Hi ya

SS should be followed for 12 weeks and the 13th week you add a meal which is 810 cals week.

Not heard of the 4 week thing lol

I do ss plus...so i used to add food every now and again anyway its only small amounts no carbs

Did you get the booklets?
It's the old way of doing Cambridge. It used to be that when you got to your fifth week you did Add a meal (or AAM as we called it). But the rules have changed. Some CWPC's still like to encourage the having of an AAM week every four weeks, but there's no reason why you must, as Mrs E says. :)

Sadly, I've been on and off this diet long enough to know that. Oh dear... :)


Gone fishing
Not really old advice Lily. Cambridge still do recommend the 5th week higher plan. It's just that you can go up to 12 weeks if you so wish. As long as you do at least 810 on the 13th week.
Yes, it is good advice to have extra after 4 weeks. Cambridge advise that you go up to at LEAST SS+ after 4 weeks before going back down to SS.

Also, the NIHCE (is that the acronym??) guidelines state that you must go up a step after a MAXIMUM of 12 weeks. That would be a week of the 810plan whether you have been doing SS or SS+ for those initial 12 weeks.

I'm actually choosing to do a week of 810 every 8th week, as well as being on SS+ for the times in between. I have seen the consequences of not actually following this advice, so I'm not taking any chances!
I'm actually choosing to do a week of 810 every 8th week, as well as being on SS+ for the times in between. I have seen the consequences of not actually following this advice, so I'm not taking any chances!
I'm just wondering what the consequences are? I did 10 weeks SS 100% 2.5 years ago and everything was fine, I only intend to do SS for 7 weeks this time so it wont be an issue for me, but just wondering what the impact would be.
My friend was given bad advice by a consultant. She ended up on SS for about 17weeks, then did a week of SS+ and went back to it for another 6 weeks.

Her hair fell out. It would just come out in big clumps when she just put her hand on her hair. After about 6months, it has only just started to grow back, but it is much much thinner.

Her stomach was unable to cope with any food - if she ate anything the pain was unbearable.

There were some other side effects but I can't remember them now. These were along with the usual - constantly being cold, not being able to remember anything, lack of concentration, lack of energy, dizziness, etc.

The guidelines are there for a reason. As long as you follow them, you'll be absolutely fine as Cambridge is a good diet.

It's a warning to those tempted to disregard them though!

Thanks for all the responses and fabulous advice, so for week 5 if i up it to SS+ this will be enough of an increase to help the weight loss and not have the severe adverse effects as mentioned above?? I have no desire to not comply with the guidelines i just wanted to understand how it differentiated from peoples posts :) And if i am adding a meal will this decrease my weightloss for that week?
Cheers Dolly
Having a SS+ week, then going back to your SS will be fine and you should still lose weight. You will still need to do your 810 week after 12 weeks though.

I don't know if you will lose *less* weight on SS+ as that's very individual. I lost the same amount of weight on SS+ as I did on SS if that's any help!

I hope I didn't come across all doom and gloom! I didn't mean to! :eek: I'm doing the diet myself, so I'm not anti-Cambridge or anything :D

Those kinds of side effects only happen in SEVERE cases, so I wouldn't worry about it at all really. I just checked with her and she was actually on SS for about 22 weeks before doing the SS+ week, so it takes going quite far over the recommendations for that to happen!
Thanks lemonpillows. I do not think you came across as doom and gloom and found it really informative. If ever anyone was tempted to ignore the advice of increasing their allowance post week 12 this post has certainly highlighted the pitfalls!!

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