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One for the girls .......................


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I know others are effected with totm whilst on cd....... but has anyone else found theres have stopped!! I havent had one now since May.. and although I am not majorly worried as I have had problems in the past as have PCOS so used to be very irregular the last year or so been getting them more regularly... (monthly)

Would this effect me!!

thanks x
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It can happen, yep. So long as you're sure you're not pregnant... don't worry too much.:D

Here comes the science bit...

Oestrogen is stored in fat cells. Very often, women who are overweight stop having periods, partly because of the high levels of oestrogen but also because of having high insulin levels (which can mess about with egg production in the ovaries).

When you lose weight quickly - fat, in particular - oestrogen is released from the fat cells. The body needs to have fluctuating levels of oestrogen to trigger the menstrual cycle. When oestrogen remains elevated, you don't have periods.

Your periods will stabilise when your weight stabilises. Of course, other people doing CD find that doing a low carb diet helps to regulate their periods. As I said before, this is because insulin levels affect the ovaries - a low carb diet keeps insulin levels low and the ovaries function normally once the fat mass reduces to a more healthy level. This is why low carb diets can be really useful for sufferers of some types of PCOS.

Hopefully I haven't made this even more confusing. The key thing is the level of oestrogen. High levels can either trigger periods that don't stop when you're expecting them to - or, as in your case, cause them not to happen at all. The good news is that in all probability, your body will sort itself out soon. :)


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Hey not much advice...im on the pill and havent had a perios in ages, as soon as I started this(im on day9) my period came. It sucks


Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Thanks so much for your advice girls......... its really made me feel better........
Lily, thats great it really does help explain it more....... thanks!!
With me it has been the opposite curly,
I had suregry alst year to stop mine but over the last few mionths since CD, I am now having a couple a month again and they are getting heavier and heavier.

Julie Williams

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Hi Curly as you know im monitoring my cycle! The first month on CD was 27days the 2nd was 36days and the 3rd was 52days this month im going up the plans at the mo and has settled back at 47 so im hoping it has started to sort itself out (its usally 28-32days). Hopefully yours will get back to normal very soon, and poor you Tilly cant imagine how frustrating that must be xxx

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