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only lost 1 lb

Hi slimmers I am new to this forum. However I have been at w.w. for 4 weeks now and so far have lost 5 lbs. My question is although sticking to my point last week end I did 3/4 hours of heavy gardening and although I felt I had lost a good weight lost when I was weighed on Tuesday I had only lost 1lb. Has any one else experienced this.

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the average weight loss is between 1-2lbs a week so great loss tbh :) don't feel dishearted, if you feel better in yourself like you've lost more that's a good feeling to stick with, also you may of toned up whilst gardening! so although altering your body its not changing weight etc, it's best to keep an update of your measurements :)
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A 1lbs loss is great. Loosing weight steadily is the best way to keep it off. 1lbs is better than nothing so please don't feel down :)


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Have you measured yourself? Sometimes if we expect a big weight loss and only get a small one its inches that we've lost. But as said before 1lb is a good weaight loss! :D


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5 lbs is great! Just think, if you weren't dieting, you could have gained instead of lost. In another 4 weeks, you will have lost 10lbs :) As already said, you might be losing inches. Keep up the good work :)


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1lb lost is better than 1lb gained, and you have lost 5 hun!! well done.



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I felt exactly like you when I got weighed on Wednesday. I lost half a pound and I had walked 7 miles on the Thursday, 3 miles on Sunday, 4 miles on Tuesday followed by an hours Zumba class to be told I lost half a pound. I was totally gutted!!:cry:

After talking to my class leader, she pointed out that a weight loss sometimes isn't always instant, it could be next week before I see it and it may be inches I have lost rather than weight :D

I was still gutted and felt cheated, but I thought that was last week, this is the start of a new week let's get on with it!!

I've now accepted it and see it as a loss is still a loss, even it is half a pound. Our weight is moving in the right direction. We will get there, just remember, small steps make miles x


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I think the way to sustained weight loss is to accept slow regular losses. 1lb a week is fab and is the healthy way to go. Try not to be disheartened, I know we all want to lose a bucket full every week but this is unlikely and unhealthy.

Well done on the weight loss you are doing great.