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Total Solution Only man here?

Hi - Looking around it seems that I might be the only man here?

I started TS on Monday and it's been hard but fun, if you know what I mean. Started at 20st dead, and couldn't resist a quick weigh-in this morning. Rather shocked to see that I've lost 14lbs. A stone in 5 days!

Is it true that men lose more quickly? I guess things slow down a lot after the first week or so, but I'm well pleased so far...

Good luck to all, and on we go!
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Hello! I'm also a guy, so there isn't just one :)

Nice one on your loss! That is amazing. I'm starting Exante Tuesday, as my package will arrive on Monday at some point. This is my first time doing any form of Sole Source Diet so I'm pretty worried about being starving all day and night long. Any tips?
Well done! What an amazing loss so far! There are a few guys lurking around :D c
Hi rdrhoot, Don't worry - you'll probably be hungry for the first few days, but once ketosis kicks in you'll find that hunger goes right down.

I have been drinking lots of sparkling water - carrying a small bottle around all the time - and it really helps to keep you full. When I have a "meal" I try to drink a litre or so at the same time. Makes you pretty full!

I also take some weird kind of self-satisfied pleasure in not eating, particularly when in a restaurant or a pub or something. A black coffee and a fizzy water and I'm sorted.

V best of luck. In essence it's quite simple, as they're no rules to bend or break. Just eat the packs and nothing else and hey-presto the job's done. Do let us know how things go for you!


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OMG at your weight loss - fantastic!!! Men do seem to lose easier than women. We have things like hormones and emotional eating to contend with (although I'm sure men eat emotionally as well). Sounds like you're doing well so far. There are a few men around on the forum...:)

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Well done on the 1st loss so far, thats amazing!! Keep it up and you will be at goal in no time..x
Thanks to everyone for their fantastic support. Weighed in this morning for official week one and have lost 1st 6lbs...! Am delighted.

I know it will slow right down now, but I can already see and feel the difference, so who cares?

Good luck to everyone else!
Another man here.

Should be getting my stuff tomorrow for a start on Wednesday.

Great to hear about your weight loss. hope my first week can be the same.
Hope your first week goes well too fatboyslimming - do let us know...

Off for a tomato soup now with a good dash of chilli powder, salt and pepper. Makes it taste almost like a meal...
What a great weight loss, well done to you. This diet really works and helps to change your attitude towards food, definately.
Thanks everyone for your great messages of support! I'm certainly enjoying this, and it's good fun each day seeing how clothes feel looser, stairs feel easier (how old does that make me sound?!), and there's someone slightly different in the mirror...


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Well done Leseid! Great loss and it is lovely that you're feeling so positive! Keep going as you are and you're gonna see some amazing results xxx
Was 20 stone 2 weeks ago today, now... 18st 3lbs! Almost 2 stone gone. It's slowed right down, but still around a pound a day. Am v pleased with that! Thanks for all your messages of support!

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