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Only managing Monday - Thursday!

S: 11st4lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25 Loss: 0st8lb(5.06%)
Hello all,

Any tips for lasting the whole week?

I am almost angelic Mon - Thurs but then fall off the wagon all weekend every weekend. As a result I'm pretty much STS, and have only lost a few pounds.

I'd love to be down to 10 stone by my holiday in June so really need to get my head around it.

Anyone else struggle at weekends? Any tips would be great.
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The weekends are made easy for me because I get my shopping delivered on a Saturday morning. This means that I have loads of nice, new, fresh free food in the house. I then just get a top up of fresh stuff from Tesco Express on Wednesday night.

Is this an option for you? It's nice having bags and bags of nice, new food turn up on a Saturday!
S: 11st4lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25 Loss: 0st8lb(5.06%)
Yeah - we normally go shopping on a Sunday so are scrabbling around with the leftovers on a Saturday which could be part of it. Also, often go to town or a shopping centre, and because we know there's nothing appealing at home we normally eat out. I know there's good choices out there but I don't seem to make them at the weekend. I'm so well organised in the week, with fruit chopped up and lunches made the night before. Good tip though, thanks. Maybe shopping for lots of nice new fruit and veg on a Saturday would be a good idea.
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I'm exactly the same at weekends, I am mostly well behaved Monday to Thursday on the food front with little problems, not even a chocolate craving but the minute it hits 5pm on a Friday it's takeaways and chocolate and energy drinks...I dont know what it is about the weekends :(

Again me and the OH go shopping on a Sunday so maybe we should change it to a Friday?


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The weekends are my downfall too. This seems silly but I usually try and plan one of the more exotic sounding slimming world recipes for over the weekend, so that it feels like a treat lol. For example Mon - Thurs we'll have things like risotto, chilli, macaroni bakes, pastas .. then on weekends aim for something like marinated pork with SW chips or home made curry. Plus I always have more time at weekends so I can do things like marinate meat or prepare lots of different veggies - the more time preparing / cooking is the less time to think about eating I say... cos I eat when I'm bored and at weekends I could do nothing but eat!!

Hope this helps!


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How about having a huge cooked b fast on the Saturday morning and really filling yourself up, if you feel full on nice free food you might be less inclined to cheat, not sure if that helps but i really look forward to my big b fast! :D

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I got into this really bad habit too - my wi is on a Thursday night and it's also my last working day of the week, so after wi I was 'treating' myself, which seemed to continue until Sunday night and then I'd spend the rest of the week on 'catch up' until wi on Thursday night again - I know I'd have lost more quicker if I hadn't got into this bad habit! Now I'm certainly no angel and do still have more than I need at weekends, but I limit it to one day and one meal instead of the whole weekend! I also agree with having a full cupboard in at the weekend - when the fridge is bare it is so easy to pick the wrong things! xxx


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I exactly the same 5pm friday and Im in weekend mode and the plan disapears!! For me its because im bored and pick every time i go in the kitchen and then saturday night out starts with Voda/D.Coke and finished with Pints of Cider so defo not a good move and mayb even a kebab on way home!! Serious down fall!!
This weekend tho we did the 'big' shop on friday night which meant plenty of choice all weekend!! Big brekkie spaghetti mushrooms mini omlett and bacon sat morning followed by a run!!! after run and big brekkie a mugshot filled me up till tea time when I had Peas and Monkfish! boring but was cooking for jst myself struggle with that usually!! Sunday not good wine,vodka and sunday lunch (SW style tho) but never good befor WI tnight hope I dont gain again!!!
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i weigh in sat so i treat myself sat and normally i'm still ok but sometimes i go mad and i eat everything in site and sometimes have sunday off to this week is one of those weeks.
i now have to spend all week working hard to get a loss.
i think maybe we need to to allow our self more in the week so when wi comes we don't feel the need to binge. (even if it means going alittle over syns its better than a whole weekend off and good knows how many syns.
other things that have helped in the past:
plan your days plan in your treats but make your meals your faves or sw takeaways so u look forward to it.
maybe this might work ok u can have what ever u want at the weekend as long as u work out how many syns r in things before u put them in your mouth. i bet u don't eat know where near as much.
also something else that might help (i'm going to do this today) go back over the weekend and try and remember what u had (i bet u would remeber everything cause we often eat without thinking) and write it all down then syn it all (be honest with yourself otherwise it won't work and no one has to see it but u)
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As many of you know Saturday night is wine & choc night with MiL. You just can't believe how much choc she brings round, far too much to eat on a Saturday.

When I first started SW I used to finish any choc left on a Sunday, but 'be good' until WI.

Then with all the confidence I could muster I made a point of writing down all the syns I was having.

I have myself an excel spreadsheet & make a note of all the syns I have, e.g this Saturday 63 :eek: So I now know how many I have left until WI. And as a result I no longer eat any left over choc on a Sunday.

I do feel better for this & it means I'm more in control.

What I am saying is write down ALL syns you are having, even if its lots on one particular day. It really does help keep you focused. I think the problem with not knowing how many syns you've had is you believe you've blown it for the week & just continue eating 'crap' food.


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does MiL mean mother in law? that's cute you both do that on a sat! sounds really nice!
S: 9st11lb C: 8st9lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st2lb(11.68%)
Yep MiL is Mother in Law & it's all very nice but she does like her routine & sometimes I'd love to go out just on spare of the moment but can't. She's in a wheelchair & doesn't get out much so I do feel obligated sometimes. We also go to the theatre together which is nice, we're off to see Boy George at Blackpool Grand in April :p


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S: 13st6.5lb C: 13st6.5lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
awww well i think it's really really good of you! you're a great daughter in law!

i'm not telling my future MIL about you though, she'll expect it from me and im not as good as you! haha!

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