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Oooh oooh! Fitting into smaller size jeans!

Oooh I am so excited! I bought a pair of size 16 jeans in the Next sale and could just get them on a couple of weeks ago but couldn't do them up. I'm now wearing them!

Ok.. so they don't fit perfectly and I had to lie down to do them up ;) but I am sitting here comfortably and haven't felt like I am going to pass out - yet!

I really need to remember how bloomin fantastic it feels next time I feel like going off plan. Next stop are the size 14's.

I have a habit of not realising how much I have lost, but fitting into trousers 2 sizes smaller than I could a few months ago feels brilliant. :D
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Thank you! I felt rather self indulgent posting that but just had to share! :D


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Excellent!! Well done you! I don't feel much different than a few months ago until I remember that at the end of my pregnancy last year I was going into size 18, and now 16's are too big, but seems to be taking me forever to get to 14 gr!! X


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You MUST celebrate going down a size! That's why we're all here! So jolly well done! And here's to seeing you in 14's!
Well done! Thanks for this. I have been on the plan for 5 weeks this week and feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight for some reason, and forgetting that it's actually working because I have lost 6lb so far and my clothes are looser! You have made me snap out of it and keep going :)
Great job! I, too, had to by smaller trousers on my lunchbreak at work the other day as mine were getting ridiculous! I was a size 14 in M&S (though tried on size 14 trousers in Monsoon and they barely went over my thighs - never mind doing up!) and was chuffed. I still feel like I'm a size 18 though. I don't ever trust the labels!
I still feel like I'm a size 18 though. I don't ever trust the labels!
I lost a lot of weight with WW years ago and I was like that then. I always took a large size into the fitting room with me, even though I knew I was a size 10/12.

Letting go of the idea that I was fat, after years of havinging it battered into my brain, didn't exactly come naturally to me.
Thanks all for such lovely comments - you're all fabulous!

Twinklestar - you're doing really well! It is so easy for us to get caught up in how far we have to go but I've realised I'll never be happy if I don't appreciate the journey along the way.

StaceyUK - Snap! I still look in the mirror and see the size 20 body I had a few months ago. My mum came shopping with me and suggested I should try size 14 dresses and tops (no chance for trousers yet, total pear shape!) I nearly laughed in her face but I could actually fit into them! Funny how we hang on to our old shape so much! I also bought a new top the other day in size 16, started wearing it and took labels out so couldn't return, but it is way too big. I didn't even think to get a 14. I just can't imagine or accept I am that size on top. Bonkers :D

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