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well i suppose it had to catch up with me at some point!

just been weighed and 2lb on

am now 8.13 - so at the top of my 'box'

excuses now....
it was V
it was my birthday
it was the last week of the holidays

thats fine...
as long as that's it. i have to reign myself in.

i started back at work today, so am getting back into a routine after 6 weeks off.

i'm just going to eat normally this week and see what happens - if i STS or put on then next week i will have to work out a plan of action.

i want to be able to 'put on' on couple of pounds at times like these - i just want to be able to get rid of them afterwards as 'normal' people do

but maybe i'm not normal and never will be.....


watch this space!

daisy x
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Happy in my own skin
I know you say it's excuses Daisy, but you have had a "full on" summer. Can you imagine what the weight gain would have been if you had not had some boundaries?

Another thing to remember is that normal people don't get into a cycle with food because they don't have as many crooked thoughts around food, so you just have to treat each day as a new one and not give into the temptation we have all had in the past of saying "sod it" when we have had not such a good day or week.

I'm sure when you are right back into the swing of your routine this will all seem like a small blip in your journey. Well done on your losses so far.

Ps can't believe your 6 weeks is up already, seems like only a few weeks since you started a thread about it, oh how time flies....:)
that's all i'm saying

and the fact i need a kick up my backside please!
daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
Daisy??!!??? What's happened now?? Have you 'over boxed'?:whoopass:

Come on you! You are one of the stronger stayers on this, don't blow it now. Christmas is around the corner, YOU NEED THAT SPACE! Concentrate on this, it's important. Look at what you've been through all this year so far. What's the glitch now that can compare to those parties and festivals 'on the packs'!!!!!

Put your favourite jeans where you can see them and remind yourself that they will NOT become tight!!!!

no, am still in the box, just- but in danger of breaking out of it if im not careful.
i'm pushing and pushing the boundaries....
they will break soon and then i will be so fed up

didn't go to weigh in this week as i was down in st albans at my sisters so next monday will be interesting.

at the moment i'm doing about 60/40 and need to get back to 80/20

daisy x
excercise good
eating not so good - still on a mission to see what effect eating crap has on me!

am going to weigh in tomorrow as i missed monday and hopefully that will get me back on track

am also going to listen to my cds and read through my LL stuff again.

My husband has been at home the last 3 weeks - he usually works away and i have realised its the lack of 'me' time which is having such a bad effect on me - fingers crossed he starts lodging away again soon, lol!

thanks for asking

daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
You have to be really cast iron with Them about, don't you!!! I think that's one of the things I find hard and I know that it's what got me here!!

I do NOT have to match him glass for glass.
I do NOT have to eat the same portions.
I do NOT have to join him in deserts.
I do NOT have to snack whilst watching a film...


I hope you find a balance whilst he is there!!! Bestest of luck.
Well said Foxy

Come on Daisy, give yourself a good talking to.
Remember what it was like sitting on your husband's shoulders at the festival?
Don't let it go - it's a slippery slope.
Why sabotage yourself by pushing the boundaries with crap food?
There is absolutely no pint.

Foxtrot - you are so right, that list about matching glass for glass etc could be here.
I don't do it any more, OH is putting on weight now!
Daisy hon, you surely must know, eventually, the exact effect crap will have on you. We've all been poster children for that, haven't we? Is there something underlying that is making you do that? Sounds like a real chatterbox issue? Please don;t sbatoge yourself too much - it will only upset you in the end.

Good call SB - yes Daisy - remmeber being up on those shoulders, what you always dreamt of.....you don;t want the effect of crap to be you watching another woman on her hubbys shoulders and you not.....do you? ;)

Come on girl - we do all this so we don;t eat crap anymore!! :)

Good luck hon - listen to Foxy - make decisions for you, not because what others do! :)


i know, i know!

i have been for a jog tonight and given myself a talking to

tomorrow i am going to back to eating mainly protein and veg - week 4 RTM stuff for a few days to get me back on track.

tbh i didn't really do the RTM properly from about week 8 so i might even revisit the trigger weeks to see if i can learn stuff.

i have been a bit silly really - eating very very healthy meals every day - but supplementing with stuff i shouldn't- hopefully i have got it out of my system now

daisy x


Happy in my own skin
Hi Daisy,

You've been such an inspiration with your weight losses. I just know that in a year's time we will be celebrating your 1 year anniversary of maintaining....just do your SMART goals...:)
Hi Daisy

Well done you - just a little wobble.
I'm sure you'll get back on track.
Or we'll all be round........................!
Good luck girl xxx:break_diet:
thanks for all your support ladies

am going to keep posting on here today to keep me on track.

i stood on my scales this morning and am not happy!

however, i have finished messing about now

this morning i have had a LL vanilla shake so far

and done an hours aerobic class

im having a 2 egg, smoked salmon and butter bean omlette and salad for lunch in half an hour

weigh in at 2pm

daisy x
Good girl Daisy.

I think the thing is, we have to accept that we will go up and down, adn sometimes even out of our comfort box - but the key thing is, we grab the reins and stop it before it crosses over that 1 pound too many where it feels as if it suddenly too much to cope with, ya know?

So, good luck at WI - and good wishes for the week ahead as you get back in your groove.


well weigh in was as i thought
i'm now 9 stone 1 - which this time last year i would have believed impossible!

however - i'm out of my 'box' and want to get back to 8 10 - so thats 5lb to lose.

not sure if i should set a date - maybe 5 weeks, or 10 weeks

it was a different counsellor and something she said really made sense...

i was saying i didn't like feeling hungry - so i never did. she said that i was going to feel uncomfortable either way - uncomfy if i was hungry, uncomfy if i put on weight

so it was better to feel uncomfy a bit hungry as the outcome was positive - rather than uncomfy and fat where there was no positive outcome
don't know if that makes sense written down, but it was a def 'lightbulb' moment for me.

we also talked about my day and 4pm on is a trigger as its chaotic in my house sorting kids out etc. by my evening meal time i have often gone past it and have nibbled on stuff so don't want my healthy meal - but then get hungry later so pick then

i'm going to try having a LL shake at 4ish to get me through the couple of hours of chaos - i was trying to do this with yoghurts but these didn't satisfy me and led onto fruit,oatcakes and then other stuff. I think the shake might fill me and get rid of the picking before tea and i have enough left for a week or two.

so back on to my food for today... had a LL bar for lunch, handful of grapes at 4pm and just had prawn stirfry.

am going to have some baked figs with greek yog later

feeling quite pleased with myself and a bit more sorted in my head

daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
Well done Daisy. Keep at it. You know where we all are.

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