Operation size 10 wedding dress!

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  1. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    I'm back on the Dukan wagon!

    I successfully slimmed down previously on the Dukan diet, and squeezed into my size 10 jeans, but since then I've been piling on the pounds. I'm now struggling to squeeze into a size 12, let alone a size 10.

    For some stupid reason I thought it would be a good idea to buy a wedding dress too small as a motivation to lose weight. A risky move, but I'm sure I can do it. I'm getting married in Las Vegas (at the Bellagio hotel) in September (so excited!! :) ), so I have around 6 months...

    Anyway, starting weight this morning was 11 stone 2lbs. According to Dr Dukan I need to complete 3 days of attack, 78 days of cruise (reaching true weight on 2nd June), and then 112 days of consolidation.

    Day 1 - Attack
    B - ff yogurt
    L - chicken, 2 x boiled eggs
    D - more chicken (I cooked a whole chicken yesterday), Dukan porridge
    Exercise - none (feeling ill with a sore throat at the moment, hopefully I can get back to the gym in a few days)

    Ok, time to read some other diaries for motivation/inspiration! :)
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  3. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Oh hello stranger and fab news on the wedding!!! Have you been to Vegas before?

    P x
  4. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Howdy P!

    Yes, we've been to Vegas before and loved it! There is a group of around 20 of us going, so it should be lots of fun. We have 1 week in Vegas, and then we're going on a 2 week road trip for our honeymoon - driving through the national parks, San Fran, and then down to LA!

    Hope things are good with you. Do you have a diary in the Atkins section? I'll go and have a look. x
  5. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Sent you a personal message

    P x
  6. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Hello again, and welcome back. What a fabulous motivation to lose weight, and it sounds like a great holiday you have planned too...

    Remind me how much you lost last time?

    Hope you get straight back in the swing of things... it's just like putting on a comfy pair of slippers, returning to Dukan. So comforting!!
  7. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Hi, thanks for the welcome.

    Last time I went from around 11 and a half stone, to 9 and a half stone. Unfortunately I've allowed myself to pile the weight back on (it's a never ending battle!!). How are you getting on? I'll have to catch up on your diary! :)
  8. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Day 2 - Attack
    B - ff yogurt
    L - chicken (again!)
    D - sirloin steak with dry fried eggs, Dukan muffins for dessert
    Exercise - none (still not feeling well)

    I'm a daily weigher, and was down 2lbs this morning. Almost in the 10's!
  9. PogMoma

    PogMoma Silver Member

    Hi! Stats are similar to mine and I'm aiming for size 10 too! Good to know you're on the same journey as me. Will pop by to see how you're doing :)
  10. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Hope you feel better soon. Perhaps some homemade chicken soup might help ;)
  11. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Hi PogMoma, thanks for the support! We'll both be rocking size 10's in no time :)
  12. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Thanks Jo! I'm probably feeling worse today (just in time for the weekend!). Homemade chicken soup?... well I'm not that keen on chicken ;)
  13. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Day 3 - Attack
    B - ff yogurt
    L - chicken
    D - eggs, low fat bacon (I know I shouldn't eat this stuff!)

    Still no exercise...

    My menus are pretty boring. Need to jazz things up when I start cruise tomorrow.

    Weight this morning was 10.13.
  14. PogMoma

    PogMoma Silver Member

    Hope you're feeling a bit better. What are your main go-to foods for cruise? I've gone off chicken at the moment!
  15. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    I love having steak with mushrooms and salad on PV days. I also quite like venison sausages & eggs on a PP day. I tried to eat mostly chicken in the attack phase to maximise weight loss and keep me motivated, but I agree it does get boring!
  16. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    3 days of attack are done! I've managed to lose 5lbs, but let's see what happens when I start to introduce vegetables.

    Day 1 - Cruise - PV
    B - chocolate Dukan porridge (love this!), ff yogurt
    L - venison sausage, scrambled eggs & roasted tomatoes
    D - steak, mushrooms & salad

    Still can't face going to the gym, my sore throat is working it's way down my body, and is currently manifesting itself as a chesty cough. I hope to have a sore toe within the next few days, and then expel this thing from my body completely. I was supposed to be taking part in a 15K run on the 29th March, but can't see that happening...oops!
  17. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Great loss ceridwen :clap:

    I lol'd imagining your cold travel thru your body.

    Hope you feel better soon xx
  18. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Congratulations Ali xxx
  19. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Official weigh in day tomorrow after 1 week on the diet.....so far I've lost 5lbs...:scale:
  20. PogMoma

    PogMoma Silver Member

    Looking positive! Good luck for WI :)
  21. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Yee ha!

    P x
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