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Orbita on the way from 74kg to 65kg

Hey everybody!
i'm new on here, but i'm an oldie in the fight with my extra kilos/pounds, hehe. :sign0144: never been skinny and never wanted to be, however always wanted to be thin and goodshaped. I'm 74kg now. My dream is to be 62-64. last time when i was satisfied with my weight and looks was january 2007, when i was 66kg. then i thought- i'm still not thin enough, but now, looking on the pictures, i think WOW!!!! what a body! hahaha..
So my plan is pretty basic:
1) Gym/sports at least 3 times a week;
2) No eating after 7pm (because i go to bed late)
3) Eating as healthy as possible;
4) Reducing white bread and pasta;
5) etc. etc..

AND since i'm not doing that for the first time- I KNOW I CAN DO IT (again)!!!!! and for this tme those kilos should melt forever.
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just trying out if my signature works, hehe
hi Orbita,

I'm new here as well.
I have same situation like yours, only i went to 70 kgs -now i'm 76kg and I can't loose any more. Doesn't matter what I do (eating healthy,exercising etc...)there is no way that I will loose any weight.
I would like to go to 68kgs minimum.
Was wondering if you can give me some tips on how to loose more kgs
hi Orbita,

I'm new here as well.
I have same situation like yours, only i went to 70 kgs -now i'm 76kg and I can't loose any more. Doesn't matter what I do (eating healthy,exercising etc...)there is no way that I will loose any weight.
I would like to go to 68kgs minimum.
Was wondering if you can give me some tips on how to loose more kgs
for me it always helped- to not eat in the evenings.. other thing- count calories- but i hate that, hahah..
and it's reallllly helpful if you have suport from somebody who exactly knows your problem, that's why i'm here!!!
Good luck on our jurney!!!!
my first day "on beeing on the right way" again..
Breakfast (around 2 am), haha (i'm on holidays):
fried egg, half slice of dark bread, salad from one tomato, little qucumber (don't know how to spell it right, the green one with little calories), paprica, with a little of goat cheese in oil, the oil was dressing at the same time.
Dinner at 18:30:
some 80gr boiled brown rice and a "something" from fish, carrots and celery baked in a oven.. sounds strange.. hahah
english is not my native language, so i'm little unsure about all the names and gramar and spellings.
2nd day

Today: only one meal, i know it's bad.. and the meal was big, i know it's bad. :whistle:2/3 chicken breast,(in a souce from paprika, marrow un sour cream), boiled potatos, tomato+cucumber+sourcream.

I had to go to gym today (restart) but i didn't.. bad, bad bad.. i'll start next tuesday. Will try to restart 8 min abs workout- it's really good and easy after you pass the first week doing it. and only 8 min!!! hahaha Tried 8 min bunns workout, is good aswell, but for me it's much more hard.
day 3

did ABS yesturday- felt soooo good after :party0019: and some chest/arms exercises..
it's friday, so it means :party0023: at the club. before a preparty- snacks, chips, drinks.. no good, but i hope to be strong.
i can tell that no eating after 7pm is really helping me, because usually i eat something around 10pm and it means i can save some 100- 400 kkcl.
what do we have for today?
i think i'll go for the same that yesturday- chicken breast with sourcream souce, potatos and some salad. :eat:
dancing till morning will be my exercise, hehehe..
thanks keisha! :)
weekend is gone, but not my kilos.. it means i start to try harder, actually i wasn't trying at all, haha.. specially the weekend..
today i took some pics for the future "before and after" album. i hope they won't be just another- "before and now" ones. next session in a month.

i restarted gym! :character00116: actually aerobics- bodytoning. i'm sooo proud and full of energy but i know it will be hard for me to get out of bed tomorrow, hahha
it's was quite a good eating day aswell:
B. spinach omlete with mozarella
D. cauliflower with cheese, tomato w. sourcream and a slice of dark bred. (before seven) heheh..
Day 6 or 7 :)

B. & L. marrow w. tomato, onion, mayo and ham.
D. been salad (white beens, ham, cucumber, goldcorn and mayo)
Gym: Step'n'Body

ohh, i feel my lower body muscles at each move, hehe.. also back and arms ohhh, is good, hehe

i looks like i'm only writing in here when i have something good to say..:mad:
well.. let's start with the friday- no gym (not my foult, had to help my friends to set up a suprise party) friday night, little alco much food.. saturday- no gym, no excercises, just "coach-potatoing" + eating.. monday- today- gym, yeah-finaly, not that intensve, food- pasta bolognese (DO I HAVE A DIET???) and a little salad around 10pm (IS 10PM THE NEW 7pm???):argh:
it looks like i'll have to start a real diet, what i hate, but what helps, want to melt those kilos away and sports only won't help. stuck on 73kg :mad:
all right, let's see if there will be any changes till thursday, if not- blame yourself- A DIET.

lunch: tuna salad
diner: potato, goulash from pork, carrot/cabagge salad with sourcream.
gym: bodytoning + abs&back

working all day long..
vegie soup with sourcream, potatoes w, cutlet and souce + cabbage salad, cheese and cheez cookies..
no gym.. today my upper body muscles hurts from yesturday, even muscles i never knew i have, hehe..
i realised that x-mas is coming today becouse i got my first christmas party invitation.. if i go, i have to look stuning and i'll do everything to do so, huh.. i guess it means -DIET.:rolleyes:
no food today, just a cup of coffee w milk, water and tea.. since i havn't got time to eat till gym, decided not to eat at all..
gym- abs+back(50min) (geeeez) and fitness yoga, stayed because i was not able to move, ok, not that bad :D and a good streching was really what i needed..
chicken, rice and salad, a bit cheese a bit bread an little youghurt just now..
gym- bodytoning..
yeah- went to gym 4 times this week!!!! sunday have to excercise at home :D
B. oatmeal with peach jam
L. soup, potatos, cutlete, salad
D. tomato juice, few crackers and a peace of chease
no gym, was working all day :(
went to visit parents yesturday- yeah, as always food and snacks til the late night.. today- peas and ham for brunch and step'n'body for dinner.. still no results to be very proud off.. :( ok, then i'll just be proud off that i'm going to gym. and that i don't hate it but even start to like it.. yeah!!!!
tomorrow i'm working late again, so no gym.
well, well, well.. :D
B. rice puding
L. soup, chicken fillet, buckwheat w. souce, beet salad
snacks- almonds

and no gym, no excersises.
we got first snow today, brrrr, and it's like -2*C outside,, i hate winter, want to lie on the beach somewhere in Caribbean with a nice toned body and small bikini, hahahah.. keep dreaming..

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