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Orbita on the way from 74kg to 65kg

today- work but eat regulary, hehe
B. special K w. milk (6:30am)
B. nr. 2 cotton cheese, 2 slices of whole grain dark bread w. soft cheese, ham, cheese, pickles, onion
L. penne w. Bolognese
snacks- salty cookes
D. leftover from penne w. Bolognese. a lil bit..
i know- muchisimo kcal!
tomorrow i'm gona sleep till 2pm i guess, yeah.. and then have a nice lunch and go to gym. will try to do a really long cardio this time before the normal training.. :)
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B. 3 slices of bread w. cotton cheese, cheese and ham
L. potatos w. meat- some kind of rolls, salad
gym- 5km on bike, 90 kcal on stepper, step'n'body
AND DINER, awwww :(
strated with quark w. tomatos and bread w. ham and cheese, but ended with rice puding, oh my, oh my- a lot of that.. now i'm soooo full.. :( another eating atack.
tomorrow work but day after tomorrow i go abroad 4 a weekend, so no gym and some fast food, awwww, at least i'm gona have lots of fun, i hope. :D
B. semolina pudding
L. potato, meet, salad
D. potato, meet, salad- very little
in between dark chocolate, and some 5or 6 raffaelo's, an apple

YEAH- tomorrow i go for the weekend break, see you on monday! :)
HEY! I'M BACK!!! :)
well- i had a wonderful but pretty crazy last weekend, parties, drinks, food, dancing til the morning etc.. but all the crazynes begun when we were waiting for boarding on monday morning.. big fog outside and they cancelled our flight. i'm sure you have heard the polico of ryanair in such cases.. in the end after 3 hrs waiting in the line for ticket desk (and i was running to get there as early as posible, because i know ryanair :D ) we dicided to take a taxi to a different city and country to get on the next possible flight nex day.. i missed my job on monday, we spent 600 Eur for the taxi, but had a crazy night in the other city, hehhehehe.. in the end you forget the bad things, but remember the good ones!!!!
so i got home only on tuesday afternoon, without having a normal sleep in the bed for along time, missed out gym for that.. the nex day felt a lil bit sick and missed out gym again, thursday- work, friday- yeah- gym finaly, 5 km on bike, AND i tried tredmil for the first time in my life, got to use to it first so i chouse fast walk and burned around 70 kcal, after that bodytoning.
i want to go to gym today aswell, but since it's saturday- you know, i can never find motivation for that.

OH, and i lost another kilo finally! YEAH!!! :):):)
after all those pizzas, pastas, wuffles etc i had last weekend, yihhooo! :)
worked yesturday..
today- gym, first 5km on bike, did my best time till now, hehehe.. but i still did intervals- slower, faster, more/less resistance.. then step'n'body and after another 3km on bike, wanted to go on my new friend tredmill for a while but they were all full so i just did the bike..
i'm still a little ill even i feel ok for gym i'm not hungry, i had omlete with sausage for the breakfast with few slices of (!) white bead with avocado and then a bit of steamed sauerkraut.. i'm making a big, big pot for x-mas dinner and they are the best after few days ;) thats it..
got a flu or something, feel just terrible, my right side of face is just leaking, eye and nose, brrrr.. too bad i couldn't go to gym today, my favorite class with my favourite trainer :(
lost hunger, it's good but strange, for all day hada little peace of chicken, salad, potatoes.. i guess that will be all..

well, i have to go to work tomorrow but only half of the day, so i wish you all merry Christmas and wonderful time where ever you will be!!!!!

and for me i hope i'll be back without ganing those holiday meal kilos, hehehe
i gained kilos during x-mas time.. :( more than i expected..
and i'm still sick a little bit :(
and i can't go to gym :(
they are not going away :( i feel like a round ball :(
holidays always ruin everything
i still don't know where exactly im celebrating, what i'm wearing..
i'm still sick, drinking hard core medicine, can't have Martini Asti :(
not going to gym.. but hungry :D
nice, huh???? :D
no changes for better.. i'm just waiting for the day when i will be back to good healt to go to gym again... i gained 3kg.. awwwwwwwwww :(
yap, no changes.. but the good news is- im restarting gym on wednesday!!!!!! i can't wait... that will make my eating habbits get better aswell, because for the moment i'm mentally stucked in x-mas time :D
yiiihooo! finaly went to gym today. 6km on bike and step'n'body.. but sometime in the 35 min i slept on the step, fetl on the floor and dislocated my ankle.. took a little rest then tried to jump again but it was too painfull so i basicly was aiting for the abs part..
now it hurts and i lipm a little bit.. i hope it's not for long.
L. 3 slices with WHITE bread with HAM, cheese and MAYO.. brrr..
D. tuna salad..
oh, that was a painful thay.. first- during the night i almost couldn't sleep because of my twisted ankle, each move was painful, then i had to go to work, took extra 5 min to jump on one leg to catch the bus.. then i was wearing my omas shoes because these were the only ones without heals, black color and not flip- flops, hahaha.. everybody were serving me the whole day, making tea bringing chocolate etc..
now it's all right.. i can walk without limping and it hurts just a lil bit when i'm turning around my feet, anyway, guess it would be good to give a little rest to my ankle and don't go to gym tomorrow, instead i'll go to my parent house, hehe..
b. tuna salad
all day long- chocolate, someone took toblerone and other good things
d. chicken/rice pilov, pilaf, or whatewer it's called in english..

finally i feel good, i was sick almost 3 weeks, pretty stupid, huh? and my ankle is ALLRIGHT! ;)
well.. will try harder starting from today. and starting with getting rid of those X-mas pounds.. :chores016:and also have to change my signature, cuz it's WRONG now :sigh2:
missed out cardio but had an aerobic class instead of step'n'body with a replaced trainer. damn, was sweating like hell, not sure- was it from the trainer or because i havn't done much lately?!?!:confused:
i'll try to survive tomorrows class, which i love but it's so hard even for a really fit person.. yeah..
L. potatoes, half of a chicken breast part, celery, carrot- all in a light sourcream souce, hehe- diet- yeah.. but was kinda healthy anyway..
D. 100gr cotton cheese with a little cucumber, slice of whole grain dark bread, 4 crisps w. soft cheese. (just now, really late, but i decided to go for it) haha
and a really good friend of mine is starting another "new life" so i hope i'll get extra support from her aswell, yihoo..
i'm on the right way! -1kg this morning, now i'm there where i started! :D :D :D
had a really, really good training today.. i was at the gym pretty late so i just managed some 7 min cardio on elliptic machine, then a class at my favorite trainer, really intensive mix from step and bodytoning about an hour and then 30 min abs+back.. geeez.. hard day for walking tomorrow, i can feel that already, hehehe
and at the end did 3km on bike.
L. penne pasta w. 1/2 chicken breast, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, celery, a little cheese and lil sourcream..
snacks- some 3 handfuls of grapes
D. 100gr cotton cheese, 100gr 0,5% quark-curd w. garlic, sourcream, tomato, cucumber, 3 crisps w. soft cheese.
today at work all day..
B. cotton cheese 200gr, 2 slices whole grain dark bread w. soft cheese and cucumber.
L. potatoes, chicken, celery, carrot souce, beet w, garlic and mayo
D. same thing just 1/3 less
snacks- uuuuuhooo.. 3 little waffles, mandarine, sweet bun with nuts just now, damn, came home and it was on the table and then in my mouth already, hehehe
had a good training again:
6 km on bike, abs + back 50 min, 5 km on bike again
L. bean salad (white beans, ham, cucumber, pickles, corn, onion, garlic, cerery with a little mayo and some salad dressing)
D. 200gr 0.5% quark-curd w. cucumber, tomato, saurcream. 5 crisps with soft cheese, few mouthfuls bean salad and a slice of bread with soft cheese..
another good training day, 4th time this week, wish that was possible every week.. 3 min on bike, bodytoning with fit balls, was kind of funny, after 15 min on elyptic machine, 15 min on bike, 15 min on tredmill- fast walk mostly and some 3 min running, hehehe.. gotta train that a bit more..
L. bean salad, baked potatos w. cheese, little steak w. onion, tomato slice, mayo and cheese, hmm, thats all i guess
D. 1/2 of little pineapple, glass of bilberry yoghurt, 2 glasses of 0.5% buttermilk..
i'm planing a "light day" tomorrow at work w. buttermilk, dried apricots, dried plums, other half of my pineapple and some yoghurt and lots off tea.. will see how it works.. :)
totally crazy day, no light at all- at 7am- work, coffee, buttermilk, banana, few plums, then some 6hrs at my friends little doughter Christing day with lots of yummy food, ohhhh, couldn't walk after..
vine aswell, then back to work, stresssss without end at work, finally few vodkas with red bull, just to calm down and be relaxed.. crazy day, crazy people, crazy, crazy, crazy..

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