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(OT) Help with iPod and iTunes


I will succeed!!!
Hi gang -

I'm getting my OH the new iPod shuffle (it's so cool!) for his birthday and want to load it with songs before I give it to him.

But I have an iPod too and someone said there is sometimes conflict if you use two iPods with 1 iTunes library.

Can anyone help? I have it set to sync to iPod on command, so if I add his CDs to my library surely it's as simple as just syncing songs I say to?

Or did she mean bought songs from the iStore?

Any help will be great :) xx
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i tried to fill my dads ipod up with songs and it totally wiped my itunes!! was not good.however as long as you are careful and make sure you click all the right buttons then it can work as i did manage to put one song onto my friends ipod.but you have to watch it very carefully! because i thought i had wiped his ipod at one point!


I will succeed!!!
Gah!!! Why do they make it so bloody hard? He will love an ipod but if I lose my library I'll cry! Will back it up first in case lol x
Create a second user account on your computer, just for him. Then log onto that and install iTunes there. It'll set up an blank iTunes configuration just for that user account and you can drag whatever tunes you want to it. I think you might be able to use the same iTunes store account on it too.


I will succeed!!!
Oooo thanks! I will use our 'guest' account then and do it. Woo! Phew!

Andy R.

Time for a change
Yeah u can, I've updated about 3 differnet iPods from my iTunes. Best thing to do is create a new playlist for Songs you want on his shuffle. When u connect it set the option on iTunes. To only synch selected playlists. Can be a pain at first. But you'll soon get the hang of it.

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