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  1. joolslee

    joolslee New Member

    Hi - this is my first post as I've just been lurking and soaking up all the tips and advice since I started SS+ 11 days ago.

    So after nothing but packets and water I finally got some orange flavouring for my water today, and BARS ... real chewy food.... I had a Peanut Crunch for lunch at 1pm and it was lovely .... so lovely that I had another for dinner at 5pm .... I've also drunk 2 litres of flavoured water this afternoon.

    And I'm now sitting here in agony ... terrible stomach cramps ... I've overdone it with these extras haven't I? Why am I such an all or nothing person.

    I love those bars but I'm not sure whether I can restrict myself if I know they're just sitting there in the cupboard. I think I will have to buy one bar as my reward treat each week.

    Now just hoping these cramps die down ... the pain is pretty severe.

    Oh btw I had my 2nd weigh in today and lost 10 1bs since starting - not as drastic as some but its still one pound per day eh? :)
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  3. Springador

    Springador Full Member

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    I was just the same, I would buy several to last the week but end up eating them.
    I had to just buy one as a treat to stop me doing this.
  4. bluemoon

    bluemoon Silver Member

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    Hello and welcome, 10lbs is fantastic! I'm sure the cramps will die down in a bit perhaps it was a bit of a shock to your system after only packs for 11 days. Drink plenty of water and hopefuuly it will pass xx
  5. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    You really should only have 1 bar a day. Drink plenty of water and flush it through
  6. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Bars used to do this to me so I dread to think what 2 would be like, it will pass but please stick to 1 per day x
  7. cddietgal

    cddietgal Full Member

    I get really bad trapped wind with the peanut bars,I buy 7 bars a week so 1 per day and I know if I eat more than 1 a day I'll be gutted by the end of the week so try not to LOL
    cdg x
  8. Roosters

    Roosters Silver Member

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    last time I did CD I had a few spare bars and my OH took them to work with him, he ate 3 for lunch... lets just say he was not popular with the rest of the workforce
  9. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    They've never had an affect on me, but can imagine how bad it is, when I did LL they were bad. It's probably the concentrated vitamins and minerals that are affecting you.
  10. joolslee

    joolslee New Member

    Hey thank you all for your replies ... and lol at Roosters husband ... it's just starting to subside now and is definitely trapped wind :eek: I'm burping for England here and finding the fetal position extremely comfortable ... ahem.
    I will most certainly limit the bars from now on ... I must say flavouring the water has made a great difference ... I can drink so much more and it gives that burst of taste in the mouth which really helps when I fancy food.
  11. Loopy!

    Loopy! Silver Member

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    This is why i don't really want the bars, I know what I'm like and I can't stop at 1:eek:
  12. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    hiya well done on your 10lbs thats fantastic but think you should only have one bar a day sorry i know there nice!!

    becky x
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